The Jellywhite Almanac: Action Figure Edition

Good morning.

Isn’t it refreshing that, after a decade of listening to liberals bitch and moan about how the Bush tax rate adjustments were just “tax cuts for the rich,” they are now marveling at the Fred-6 tax cuts, which are nothing more than an extension of the Bush tax rates? What’s so sad is this real-time revisionist history will actually sell to at least 40 percent of the country. Jeez.

One of the issues I’ve always had with the freak-out about climate change is that, for most of my life, it’s concentrated on global warming (in the 70s, it was global cooling). My question is this: life thrives in the warmth and recedes without it. Which do you prefer? That leads me to this cartoon, via Don Surber:


So, I started using the Kindle yesterday, warming it up by reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. I’m now about halfway through Ludwig von Mises seminal treatise on monetary theory, The Theory of Money and Credit. Good, good stuff.

It took one in-depth interview with Haley Barbour to probably sink any shot he has hat running for POTUS, which is beyond-unfortunate. Barbour is my second choice after Sarah Palin, and now that’s dead. AmSpec has an overview of the racial smears tossed Barbour’s way – absolutely sickening.

AmThink has a good overview of Sarah Palin action figures available for last-minute Christmas needs. Here are a few of them:

And no, there isn’t going to be a second season of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Rebecca Mansour is a spokesman for the governor:

As I’ve commented on it twice this week, it would be shameful of me not to point out that NPR is reporting that UConn women’s basketball team won its 89th consecutive game. I wonder if they noticed ESPN had a desk set up at the game, so the 150,000 people in the country interested in this story could get all the coverage they could stand?

And finally, from the Local Girl Makes Good Department, this gem from D-Listed.

Good day, folks.


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