What the Cool Kids are Saying: Mike Pence running?

Pence’s decision is probably a pretty big domino in the race. He seems to be a candidate that fits Sarah Palin’s criteria, so if he runs, she may not. Obviously, the reverse is true unless another candidate steps up. Palin’s decision probably has an impact on whether or not Mike Huckabee runs, since it seems theres a good bit of overlap in their voters. Of course all of that will have an impact on Mitt Romneys chances. Personally, I really like everything Ive seen from Pence thus far. Most importantly, he manages to straddle the fiscal/social-con line very well and thats going to be a big challenge in 2012.Still, theres a reason no one has been elected directly from the House to the White House since James A. Garfield in 1881. Name recognition, resume and lack of experience running a campaign outside a fairly compact and homogeneous area are real limitations.

via Ace of Spades HQ.


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