The Jellywhite Almanac: Winter Solstice Edition

Did you catch the moon last night? I did – sort of.

That’s the moon in Virginia, courtesy NPR.

The Bears won last night, clinching the NFC North. FWIW, the Bears are the most overrated team in football right now.

Conservative bloggers are riled up by this quote from NPR’s Nina Totenberg:

Well, these agencies, including the Defense Department, don’t know how much money they’ve got and for what. And I was at – forgive the expression – a Christmas party at the Department of Justice and people actually were really worried about this. These are law enforcement people don’t know exactly what kind of money they can spend for what.

Rush talked about it in his opening segment and there’s commentary about it at most of the Conservative blogs I read. I’ll be honest – I thought she was making a joke about Pres. Obama ceding the bully pulpit to Bill Clinton at the infamous presser, and Sen. Manchin missing a contentious lame-duck vote. Both used the excuse of having to go to a Christmas party. Am I off?

Ralph R. Reiland at AmSpec takes the following information and tells a sadly believable story after it:

It’s even higher for the federal workers segment of the city’s workers, with an average wage last year for federal civilian workers of $81,258 per person (per person, not per household). That’s over $30,000 more than last year’s average private-sector wage. Add the cost of benefits and pensions and the average compensation gap between federal and private-sector workers jumps to nearly $62,000 per year — $123,049 vs. $61,051.

Donald Douglas at American Power has some observations about the insta-smearing of Haley Barbour over comments he made in The Weekly Standard…

Vox Popoli has a good rant about Ricky Gervais’s professed atheism. A snippet:

Gervais is not so much incorrect as completely incoherent when he says that science “bases its conclusions and beliefs on hard evidence”. First, he reveals the usual atheist’s inability to distinguish between “evidence” and “scientific evidence”. Second, science does not possess either conclusions or beliefs and it does not base them or anything else upon evidence; Gervais clearly doesn’t understand how the scientific method works because it is used to produce evidence (of the scientific variety), it is not based upon evidence of any kind. Third, his example is spectacularly ignorant, as science not only did not develop penicillin, but the parochial arrogance of scientists actually retarded the development of the effective medical application of what had been the very sort of traditional medieval practice that Gervais disdains for decades. His knowledge doesn’t even rise to the level of Wikipedia: see the story of Ernest Duchesne and his 1897 paper that was ignored by the Institut Pasteur.

At AmThink, Cindy Simpson applies The Picture of Dorian Gray to Fred-6:

An infatuated electorate, tutored by the tingly-legged artists of the mainstream media, proceeded to paint Obama’s picture without much intensive study of their model, with some actually afraid to look more closely or critically for fear of being labeled “racist.”  The media contributed fawning essays and flattering photographs to the gallery, selectively publishing only those that projected a stately demeanor, their admiration evident in shots with lighting resembling a halo.

Finally, Christmas came early and I got my Kindle! I’ve been reading up a storm and that’s a good thing. Happy Solstice everyone!


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