The Jellywhite Almanac: Giants lose heartbreaker

I’m a firm believer in getting things started on the right foot, and this is the right foot – courtesy of The Volokh Conspiracy, I present to you the University of Hawaii’s marching band:

The sounds of the marching band is what I liked most about playing football (well, the violence is what I liked but the band was a close second) but our band never did anything this cool.

So, the New York Giants lost one of the most memorable games in League history, a loss that – if all is right in the world – should result in their punter being cut from the team as of last night, and Tom Coughlin (who I’ve loved as head coach) being fired should they miss the playoffs. This has been a gut-wrenching season to be a Giants fan. Frankly, I hope they miss the playoffs so I can actually enjoy them.

Also of note, New England beat the Packers last night in a game that wound up close.

How was your weekend?

While we were busy watching the foosball and such, the busiest lame-duck Congress in recorded history was trying to jam one farce after another down the throats of the American people. Most of it failed – perhaps the GOP and the Democrats with souls and a desire to get re-elected saw the folly of their leaders’ ambition. I think the best summation of the Constitutionality of this lame duck sessions’ actions was put this way: it violated the spirit of the 20th amendment if not the law itself. January 3 can’t get here fast enough.

I’ll start with this, a strangle little piece over at AmSec. I’m pretty sure what they’re getting at, but it’s still … what’s the word … strange:

“It was purely to make him feel better and to generate publicity for the book,” says the media aide. “The school didn’t ask for it, no one did. But he goes into and comes out of these events with a warped perspective of how people view him and it’s creating problems when he doesn’t understand the poor reception he gets in more political settings.” (Obama does not profit from the sales of the book; royalties are being funneled to a scholarship program for military families.)

Some call Alanis Morissette, it’s time for a sequel: Julian Assange’s lawyers are “crying foul” over a leak of papers regarding a sex tape he was involved in…

Michael Prell at AmThink is not only a fan of Sarah Palin, he likes her show too:

A recent episode of “SP’s Alaska” was about Sarah Palin’s oldest son Track trying to prove to his father Todd that he was worthy of taking over the #1 fishing site in Bristol Bay.  As Sarah Palin said, “Todd has the #1 site in this area…so Track has to work very, very hard and prove to Todd that he deserves to fish the #1 site.” Let us pause for a moment to take that in.  A young man working hard to prove that he is worthy of being #1.

I haven’t watched much of the show because it conflicts with Sunday Night Football, but my parents watch it and love it. There have been some surprising reviews – positive and negative – on both sides of the aisle. The little bits I’ve watched of it I’ve enjoyed, as they basically reinforce the impression(s) I’ve had of Palin for a long time, that of a woman who broke the mold, an incredible person all the way through. There aren’t that many men (much less women) I know who would do the things she does.

NPR has been bitching and moaning all weekend that UConn’s women’s team isn’t getting the press it deserves as it matched UCLA’s 88-game-winning streak in basketball. This is what happens when people who aren’t interested in sports cover sports, because anyone who does could have told them that unlike women’s basketball in the 21st century, men’s basketball now and in the 20th century is and was competitive. UConn has lorded over the women’s scene for two decades, which is fabulous for them and all due congrats, but there’s not enough top-tier female talent to sustain many other programs at that level. Most of UConn’s wins in that streak have been unmitigated blowouts. The last time men even got close to what UConn has done within a season was when UNVL streaked out to 31-0 before losing to Duke in the title game rematch. To give you an idea of the gulf between UConn and Everyone Else, the top-ranked Huskies beat the eleventh ranked Ohio State squad 81-50.

And finally, a nickname that should stick. In West Virginia, they’re calling him No-Show Joe...


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