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Good morning and GO GIANTS!

So, turns out, George Will’s not a fan of No Labels. I don’t think I know or have read anyone who is a fan of No Labels, except the people at No Labels – sort of makes them IRL trollz, no?

Peter Heck is no fan of atheists using the term “xmas” instead of “Christmas.” Atheists who freak out about Christmas/xmas are beyond my reach, just as Christians who think that the only thing significant about the Winter solstice is that being the time when they celebrate the birth of Christ, a time that was co-opted from Pagans as Christians moved into Southern and Western Europe.

Or something like that.

I used to be more culturally conservative on this issue. I didn’t like the term “Happy Holidays,” for example. I still say Merry Christmas, but I live in an ultra-Conservative part of the country.Point is simple – whether being wished a merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, the person offering the statement intends goodwill, and that’s good enough for me.

First this popped up at HotAir, and now PFT is reporting. NFL: Please don’t let the networks start adding soundtracks to the live action – puh-leeezzz…

I like this from John at PowerLine – pretty much sums up my view of DADT and its repeal (I should note that this is not a big issue for me one way or the other – we have problems far more severe in this country right now, even if those aghast by this decision would call me short-sighted):

I don’t think I’ve written anything about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but my views are the same as Paul’s. This is a decision that should be based on military effectiveness, not pressure group politics, and there is considerable evidence that in some contexts, at least, openly homosexual soldiers could pose problems. At the same time, my guess is that there are other contexts where having a handful of gay soldiers would not be a big deal. And in principle, of course, repeal of DADT can always be reversed if its consequences turn out to be problematic. Not that I expect this to happen.

Here’s Gay Patriot’s take

From Wizbang, this made me laugh a’loud:

But it’s nice to know that he’s not completely immune to reality. In fact, he’s striking me more and more as quintessentially American — in that he seems to embody Winston Churchill’s famous observation that “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

Or, for another quote from Great Britain (cementing my reputation as an Anglophile), this one allegedly from a British officer’s fitness evaluation: “Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap.”

Although unsurprising, classic bias representin’ in reportage of the failure of the DREAM Act to achieve liftoff:

Naturally the Old Media is placing all the blame on the GOP. This story could easily be reported as a Democrat failure, a failure of Majority Leader Harry Reid to keep his own side in line. With five Democrats voting no and one not voting at all, these six votes would have been enough to gain cloture and pass the bill to the next phase. But Reid failed to keep his caucus voting together.

So, why isn’t this bill being reported as a Democrat failure? Because as far as the Old Media is concerned it is abetter story to say that the mean ol’ Republicans hate kids, that’s why.

I liked Ed’s take on the death of the pernicious food safety bill that Michelle Obama left fingerprints all over:

Senate Democrats bragged that they had passed a far-reaching food-safety bill opposed by conservatives for its overreach and regulatory expansion, until their counterparts in the House pronounced it dead on arrival for its unconstitutional creation of new tax policy.  Reid had hoped to sneak the House version into the omnibus in order to wipe the egg off of his face, but that plan ended up under the omnibus

Although it’s not particularly original, it fascinates me that when it comes to ending unborn life, Liberals are all about keeping the government out of our lives, but when it comes to things like food, water and housing, well, the State can’t get enough State, and neither can Liberals.

I made this great piece an entry in the WhaTCKAS Dept…

That is all for now – enjoy the games!


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