What the Cool Kids are Saying: HotMES – Why’s everyone hatin’ on McD’s?

I happen to love the Arches, and their coffee and store atmosphere has improved dramatically over the last few years. Read the full piece here:

I just can’t imagine. When I was growing up I wouldn’t have dared act out in private like that, never mind in public. My mom had quite the knack for throwing the back of her hand into my face before I even knew it was coming. If we were in public and I did something to embarrass her, we would take a quick trip to the bathroom, which meant I was in for a beating. My niece, as a result of this same treatment at the hands of my mother, has a very real fear of going to the bathroom in public. We were about to leave a restaurant one time and I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom, with fear in hers eyes she looked at me and said, “But, Aunt Monique, I didn’t do anything.” I knew exactly what she was thinking and had to reassure her that’s not what I mean and that wasn’t what this was about.

It just seems to me that parents quit doing their jobs. Your a parent, not a friend. When did we forget that? Your kid is obese because you refuse to tell him no and keep feeding him McDonalds and not forcing him to get off his bum and go outside and play. Not that this woman who is suing feeds her kids McDonalds. She’s a child nutrition advocate. That’s what she gets paid to do. This is just her in to file a lawsuit and attack McDonalds to enforce her ideas about child nutrition on other parents. It’s just not good enough for her to stop her own child from eating McDonalds. This lawsuit opens the doorway for her to remove the option for other parents to allow their children to eat McDonalds.

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