The Jellywhite Alamanc: Rank-em edition

Good morning.

Right Wing News recently published his Top 25 Conservative Columnists and Top 40 Conservative Blogs. I’ll give his top 10 of each, and then mine:

10) Weasel Zippers
9) Michelle Malkin
8) Gateway Pundit
7) Newsreal
6) The Corner
5) Instapundit
4) Redstate
3) Newsbusters
2) Ace Of Spades HQ
1) Hot Air

Now mine:

  1. Hot Air
  2. Ace of Spades
  3. American Thinker
  4. Instapundit
  5. Riehl World View/Cubachi
  6. Legal Insurrection
  7. Conservatives4Palin
  8. Big Hollywood/Big Journalism
  9. American Spectator
  10. Newsbusters

As for the columnists:

10) Walter Williams
9) David Limbaugh
8) Michelle Malkin
7) Charles Krauthammer
6) Victor Davis Hanson
5) Dennis Prager
4) John Stossel
3) Jonah Goldberg
2) Thomas Sowell
1) Ann Coulter

And mine:

  1. Thomas Sowell
  2. David Harsanyi
  3. Victor David Hanson
  4. David Kahane
  5. Ann Coulter
  6. Jonah Goldberg
  7. John Hayward
  8. Mark Steyn
  9. George Will
  10. Charles Krauthammer

The blogs are more instructive than the columnists, because they take the “hive” principle to a whole new level. When I saw the link to the Top 40 Blogs, I knew that HotAir and Ace would be the top two, even though they are completely different types of blogs. I’ve only been reading AoS for a couple years, but it probably offers my favorite content, whereas I’ve read Hot Air from Day One, and it’s – by a long shot – my most visited site, even topping Drudge and (gasp!) 4chan. After the first two, it’s a crapshoot. Pound-for-pound, I think American Thinker offers the most – and best – Original Content of any Conservative site on the Web. I didn’t put The Corner on there because, with a few exceptions, it sends off way too much of a country-club, RINO vibe, even though Jonah Goldberg is the bee’s-knees. Right outside my Top 10 are places like Althouse, GayPatriot, Linkiest and Newsbusters, but along with those places like Citizen Renegade, ATWYS, and The Volokh Conspiracy, none of them explicitly Conservative. FTR, the only WTF moment in Hawkins’ list is reflected a few times in the comments: Where the hell is American Thinker?

As for the columnists, I digress from Hawkins’s list in a number of ways, the primary being that no writer who deferred to the brilliance of Fred-6 during his campaign or early in his POTUSy will every be on my list; concern-trolling/’study-upping’ on Sarah Palin doesn’t help, though Will and Krauthammer get a pass. Mark Steyn would be in the top two or three, but health issues have stopped his publishing for the time being. The “I’m Coming Up” award is shared by John Hayward and David Harsanyi – of the people on the columnist list, they have done the best work of the past year, and will top it next year is they continue apace.


All right, with that out of the way, let’s get to it – today’s offerings will be brief…

Ding-dong the omnibus bill is deader’n’shit. A good thing.

Completely not about politics: this fashion blog is quite awesome, and not just because said blogger is hot… [h/t AmPower]

AmThink offers a modest proposal on the looming public pension fiasco…

And finally, this via Don Surber…


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