The omnibus bill is dead for now…

What the hell am I going to do with this razor-sharp pitchfork?

The reactions?

Allah at HotAirThe mood among conservatives on Twitter and inside the GOP caucus is sheer exultation, from McConnell declaring this a “victory for the country” to McCain calling it a “seminal moment” to Philip Klein at AmSpec pronouncing it a triumph — albeit an early and incomplete one — for the tea party.

WizbangIt’s an incredible display of arrogance and chutzpah…

Instapundit: Thank you, Tea Party activists. Again.

Politico here…

NPRDemocrats controlling the Senate abandoned on Thursday a huge catchall spending measure combining nearly $1.3 trillion worth of unfinished budget work, including another $158 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Legal InsurrectionFor the first time in my adult life, Harry Reid has failed, utterly.


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