The Jellywhite Almanac: Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we…

Good morning.

Let’s begin with IBD’s overview of the Ryan Roadmap – read it here. Among the things I like in the RR are the drastic lowering of business taxes and the removal of almost all deductions (and thus, a great deal of complexity) from the tax code. Along these same lines, Mitt Romney’s op-ed in USA Today on Monday hit the streets with a thud. It didn’t help that he began it with a worn-out cliche, or that it was so misguided even David Frum couldn’t resist tearing into it – I guess he couldn’t think of any new adjectives to describe Rush Limbaugh, so it was Mitt’s turn.

A review of Young Adult fiction over at AmSpec isn’t too impressed with what the kids are reading. This paragraph regarding the awful Twilight series sums it up nicely:

The Twilight Series is perhaps the most obvious disappointment topping the young adult literature charts. Author Stephanie Meyer writes with all the grace of a parade of elephants, such is her clunky, clichéd prose, with its mixed metaphors and stupid similes. While her plot holds interest — it’s Interview with a Vampire meets Beauty and the Beast — her characters fall flat and are predictable. The two male protagonists are opposites: Edward is silent and mysterious; Jacob rash but charming. Never mind the sexual tension of the blood-sucking Edward as he woos the female protagonist, the virginal, boring Bella Swann: Her character should make parents — especially moms! — squirm.

If you haven’t lately, wander over to the YA section at your local bookstore and notice the preponderance of black washing away all other color. Vampire books are big right now – please let this end, and soon. Years ago, I wrote an (unpublished) YA novel set in The Real World. Its absence of vampires, zombies, ghosts, werewolves and demons would likely make it a non-starter today.

Also at AmSpec, Ben Stein has a nice tribute to Larry King.

I liked this piece at American Power – here’s a brief excerpt:

It is now clear that one cannot catch Americanism. Just as the Irish, German, Scandinavian, and Italian immigrants never fully grasped the English concepts of liberty and limited government*, thereby transforming what had been a voluntary union of sovereign states into an involuntary empire ruled by a sovereign central government, the subsequent wave of immigration from Mexico and other third-world nations has transformed what had been a rich and powerful empire into an impoverished and corrupt one. Read Victor Davis Hanson’s haunting article on the devolution of central California into third world poverty; it will give you a more clear perspective on what has already happened and what is eventually in store for many communities across the country.

Here’s some Palinista red meat from AmThink….

The Other McCain has a field day with the internecine war breaking out on the Left between fake-rape and the women who hate the men who make fun of it when it serves their larger political purposes. Ladies, that sammich ain’t gonna make itself…

RIP Bob Feller. I met the man when I was a kid at a baseball card show in Dallas – I had no idea who he was, but mom was certainly impressed. ..

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Cubachi provides a list of Senators and the number of earmarks they placed in the obscene, pre-xmas omnibus bill. Happy to note my Senator, Tom Coburn, was one of a dozen – yes, only a dozen – who put no earmarks in said bill. Read the full list here. It’s $8 billion in pork, and by 12 not putting any in, that means there are a minimum of 21 Senators who did who are up for re-election in 2012. Find the ones with an -R next to their name and, apologies to Jim Inhoffe, vote them out – this is not what November’s watershed was about, not even close. What makes this particularly pernicious is the fact that many of the earmarks are courtesy of Senators whose asses got booted in said election (link h/t Insta)…

Also at Cubachi, a rundown of Franklin Graham’s mission to Haiti that included the Palin family and Greta van Sustren. I haven’t watched van Sustren’s show regularly since the Natalie Holloway coverage of a half-decade ago, but vS was wise to hitch her wagon to Palin’s star – a little-known fact about Palin is that vS’s husband, a Democrat and an attorney, is one of Palin’s inner-circle, although he avoids the political with Palin (yes, that is possible).

Although there is no place at KBL for this, I have to show it anyway. For the full context, go to DListed:

Oh goody – Al Franken justifies his for for an extension of the Bush tax rates at HuffPo. Enjoy your Cheerios, sports fans…

I’d say that’s enough for now.







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