What the Cool Kids are Saying: Kennedy Catholicism and Palin

Palin can be every bit as prickly or superficial as her enemies claim, but together with son Trig and daughter Bristol, the winsome Wasillan and her underrated husband bookend Ponnuru’s point by reminding anyone paying attention that pro-life witness refreshes some people and infuriates others. You might even say that there are echoes in the deceptively pedestrian Palin lives of what C.S. Lewis once called “the weight of glory.” (I’ll pay no attention to criticisms of overreach or “dysfunctional karmic antennae” from people who said nothing when a San Francisco newspaper columnist described our current president as a “lightworker” before his ham-fisted attempts to treat 300 million people as a community in need of organizing went kablooey ).

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend can’t claim the Palin cachet, but the former lieutenant governor of Maryland is not above calling for close air support in her country-club battle with Palin-style conservatism. Townsend took to the pages of the Washington Post earlier this month to defend her uncle John against charges of malpractice that Sarah Palin had leveled against him in her book, America by Heart. Ironically, although her essay suggests that Townsend found the Palin book title saccharine, and its content fey, twee, or manipulative, she read the book anyway. They all do.

via The American Spectator : Kennedy Catholicism and Palin.


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