The Jellywhite Almanac: ScarJo edition

Good morning.

It doesn’t bode well that the Florida gunman who took his own life at a school-board meeting painted a circled, red V before taking hostages and then his own life. Here’s some eerie video from the ordeal:

RS McCain notes that if the man had been carrying a Gasden Flag, NYT wouldn’t have found the symbolism so “mysterious.”


A crack team of multiculturalists, aren’t they?  No wonder my kid is learning about the immigrant who painted a depiction of Washington crossing the Delaware, instead of actually learning about Washington crossing the Delaware.

Although I hate reveling in negative news from other people’s lives, I’m not exactly disappointed to say that yes, Scarlett Johansen and her magnificent breasts are getting divorced from Ryan Reynolds. ScarJo is the second-most-awesome living person born on 11/22. The other? Easy – King B.


Here’s an interesting take on Wikileaks and the information it’s unloading at AmThink

The wacky Taiwanese animators are at it again, this time with a take on Fred-6’s joint presser with Pres. Clinton:

I wish, oh I wish, that the American Left would keep its goddamn hands off my internetz

Yes, the Patriots – barring a major upset – are going to win the Super Bowl running away:

“It’s a nuance that’s hard to understand if you don’t see it all the time.  It’s sort of like walking through a factory and you can see whether the morale of the workers is positive or not.  It’s a very upbeat kind of feeling.  There’s a camaraderie.  You see how new people come in, and they can integrate very quickly into the system because it’s so inviting.”


Now, MPAI is no secret. But I am increasingly convinced that so long as the mainstream media uniformly pushed the idea that it was necessary for national security or good for the economy, it would be possible to sell the American people on anything from gassing Jews to gang-raping schoolchildren.

AmSpec offers a long contemplation of Sarah Palin’s critique of John F. Kennedy in America by Heart. Good stuff…


With that I close – good day. SA


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