It’s Wednesday night, and Huck’s still a big-gubmin’t RINO and Conservative piker

Allah has this up at HotAir, and defers the credit to Dave Wiegel, the former WaPo Journolister now at Slate, doing Conservatives a much-needed favor by pointing out that, yes, Mike Huckabee – for those who don’t care to follow the man – was all aboard the Capntrade Express way back when.

There are a number of reasons I don’t like Huck as a politician and loathe the idea of him being the GOPer led to Fred-6’s slaughter in 2012. At heart, like many devout Christian ministers, he has a Liberal streak a mile wide. Nothing wrong with that in the context of being a minister or a Christian, but there is something very wrong with that when we are talking national politics and low-tax, union-hating, crime-and-punishment Conservatives are your party’s base.

What role does Huck deserve at the national stage, because like Ron Paul, he’s earned it whether people like me like it or not? No idea – I wouldn’t put him in charge of anything important enough that I wouldn’t want to see eliminated first; in fact, the curious thing that Huck does to Conservatives is quite perplexing: we wouldn’t support him for dogcatcher, but if he’s all that stands between us and Four More Years of Fred-6, we’ll go to the grave backing him.

What gives?


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