A joke, but only sort of…

Outside Oklahoma City , a guy makes a rolling stop through a stop sign, and gets pulled over by a local policeman. The guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit.

“Okay, Mr. Smith,” the cop says, “Everything’s in order here, and thank you for showing me your CCW permit. Are you carrying today?”

“Yes, I am.”

“For your safety and mine, what are you carrying and where is it.”

Smith says, “Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket.
There’s a 9mm semi-auto in the glove box. And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.”

“Oh…Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15 rifle, a shotgun and ammo for everything. That’s about it.”

“Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range?”


“Well then, what are you afraid of?”

“Not a fucking thing …”


About godsowncrunk
I'm King B, the originator of the Jellywhite lyrical style and god's own crunk.

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