What the Cool Kids are Saying: ‘As a government employee, I say shut us down’

There are over 20,000 earmarks in the bill and the bill itself is almost 2,000 pages, ensuring that no member of Congress will have enough time to read it, never mind the tax bill they’re still working out and that the Dems want to sneak in another vote on the DREAM Act and DADT. They heard the message from the American people loud and clear on November 2, 2010. They just don’t care. And, why should they? Although both parties suck, notorious Dems responsible for cramming the health care bill down are throat were voted right back into office. The architects of the housing boom and bust resulting in the financial meltdown were voted back in, after they were allowed to write the recent financial overhaul bill!

They are elitists who think that we owe them the power that they have been granted and will continue to take more power, as long as our fellow citizens keep voting them in and allowing them to. Well, this is garbage. The government doesn’t need to shut down come Saturday and if that’s the ultimatum the Democrats want to give Republicans I think they should let it. I mean, it will hurt Republicans in the most with government employees, but most of them are already Democrat voting union members, so who cares?

The Republicans should force the Democrats to vote on a continuing resolution, which is what we are currently operating under and have been operating under since the start of this fiscal year on October 1, 2010. All that means is that government operates at the same spending levels as it did last year. Government can still operate and function. The world won’t end.

via As a government employee, I say shut us down. « HotMES.


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