The obligatory No Labels post

There is little I despise more when discussing politics than intellectual dishonesty. Whether I’m talking to a Liberal or a Conservative, I insist that the cards be on the table – no pocket Aces in the discussion, thanks.

No Labels, an idea/concept/marketing-plan/movement or what have you, has invaded my reader, which is bad enough, but then Rush Limbaugh went and spent most of his show – or at least the part I listened to – talking about it.

Jeebus, enough is enough already.

Last month it was the Coffee Party. Before that it was, um, Hopenchange or something. Who are these yokels who want politics to be clean and efficient. The political process is not intended to be a static-energy generator, it’s meant to be a sausage factory (no, not a sausage party, a sausage factory). If I want to call people stupid, I will – there is nothing wrong with labeling provably stupid people who latch onto provably stupid ideas as Stupid.

At face value, there is nothing wrong with the labels Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative, Progressive, Socialist, Atheist, Christian, etc. These are honest labels that behave as a  kind of shorthand – when we know we are speaking to a self-professed Liberal, Conservative, Atheist, Christian, etc, we have a good idea of where they’re coming from. We may not like it, but at least it’s honest.

No Labels is not honest. It is a cabal of Liberals and RINOs who want the mean kids to quit calling them out. I don’t remember meanness being an issue when Pres. Bush was in office for eight years of BushHitler slurs, and I don’t remember meanness being an issue when Fred-6 swept into office on the wings of political stupidity so profound it’s still shocking to consider it.

What does No Labels want? Easy – to control an ethereal dialogue that does not, has not and will not exist. If I lived near the No Labels office – assuming there is a No Labels office – I would throw a rock through its front window on principle, my little Fuck You and Your No Labels. I like my Liberal friends Liberal, my Conservative friends Conservative, and so forth. I actually know people who are Proud Liberals – they like that label, just the  way they liked putting that O-sticker on the back of their hybrid when it was cool to like Fred-6 and call him a “Barackstar.” Whatever – they play their games and I play mine.

David Frum, one of the No Labels boosters, claims to have coined the term “Axis of Evil,” and by all accounts at the very least he coined two-thirds of it. That’s a pretty effective label, doncha think?

Hell, most people like labels. Capitalist wasn’t meant as a nice thing by Karl Marx when he coined the term, but Capitalists aren’t shy about referring to themselves as that (and no mention needs to be made of other demographic slurs co-opted by perceivably marginalized groups). I’m a Sarah Palin fan – I love the term Palinista, and it’s how I refer to myself and others, just as I refer to people who continue to support the policies of Fred-6 as Shitheads.

My real issue with No Labels is that it proposes to be Moderate and Centrist, a position taken by lightweights, losers and pernicious frauds. Centrist positions are easily confuted, and when No Labels proposes to moderate a dialogue, what they really propose is to backdoor-stultify Conservatives. “See how angry they are!?” You’re goddamn right I’m angry, just as I was angry with Pres. Bush at the end of his term for selling what was left of Conservatism under his watch down the river with his nimble signature. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy, but it does mean he made me very angry.

No Labels is intellectual free-loadering (yes, free-loadering) disguised in the cloying, sanctimonious psychobabble of the Moderate, the unthinking twit who we’re told every four years POTUS candidates must appeal to in order to win elections. This, of course, is complete rubbish, male bovine fecal matter of the highest order.

What No Labels seeks is a coward’s cover, an outlet by which Liberals and the pussified RINOs who envy them can stand in the balcony and flay people with whom they disagree.

Rubbish. Poppycock. That’s all it is – it’ll be dead and gone in a couple of months, just like all of the bizarro ideas Frum and the like have conceived – and no, this isn’t all Frum, not even part-Frum, he’s just the easiest twit to pick on, sort of like the kid on the playground who has dirty feet and lice.

I’ll close with RS McCain’s salient take:

The purpose of No Labels, of course, is to give the most irredeemably stupid “independent” voters an excuse to keep voting for Democrats. The mere fact that “No Labels” gets an 808-word free advertisement on the op-ed page of theWashington Post should tell you all you need to know about this alleged movement: It’s a ginned-up Establishment scam with no real activist constituency.


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