What the Cool Kids are Saying: John Hayward on optics, Palin- and Fred-6-style

Meanwhile, Barack Obama abdicated the Presidency to Bill Clinton on Friday night, the most astonishing image in the modern era of politics.

The media clearly understands the power of imagery, given their silly attempt to smear Palin and denigrate her noble service to a tireless charity.  They’re surprisingly slow to appreciate the level of damage Obama did to himself by walking off that stage.  It was a fatal error for a presidency based entirely on image and style… an atomic detonation of perception whose shockwaves will be felt for months, perhaps years.

Barack Obama is, by far, the least qualified occupant of the Oval Office in history.  All during his campaign, we were told his absurdly thin resume wasn’t important, because he had vast organization skills, a “first-class demeanor,” and the ability to remain cool under fire.  His compelling presence would allow Washington to transcend the era of partisan infighting.  His charisma would make the world love us again.

Now we’ve got that incredible video of Obama simply resigning his position under pressure, and letting Bill Clinton take over.  He can’t even sell his agenda to the Left anymore, so he thought he’d let Slick Willy handle it.  President Spock just strolled out of the pon farr ritual, leaving Captain Kirk to take care of business with his Vulcan mate.  Do you know what Obama is doing today, with a crucial Senate vote coming on the tax deal he made with Republicans?  Playing basketball.  Talk about optics.

via The Optics of Obama and Palin – HUMAN EVENTS.


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