What the Cool Kids are Saying: Fred-6’s speech impediment

I’ve believed for a long, long time that Fred-6 is an atheist – in this regard, we can smell our own. This is an interesting piece of commentary from Hugh MacKenzie at AmThink – one thing most atheists I know are reticent about is using any derivation of the term god without either a) defining what they mean or b) using it as a curse word. Fred-6, with the bully pulpit he has, does it one better – he omits it from history. Only a true atheist, dogmatic to the core, is that careful:

My assumption when contemplating the president is that he is extremely disciplined and controlled, and even more so when he speaks from a prepared text.  Therefore, what he says and how he acts are extensions of his ideology…expressions of his core beliefs.  So, what is he saying by not saying the word “Creator”?

Obama is making a philosophical point.  Remember that the bedrock position of the progressive is Utopian.  Perfection is within our grasp.  It is an “if only” kind of worldview: if only we spent more on social programs.  If only we were better educated.  If only our governmental options were even larger.  If only the process were correct.  Then, when the conditions of our own creation are in place, then will you see real fundamental transformation and a New Age: New Jerusalem descending in glory!

And those “what ifs” are within our ability to set in place.  It’s just a matter of education or speaking truth to power or defeating one’s political enemies or process…so close that the progressive can taste the new wine in new wineskins!  No wonder the progressive is perennially unhappy, chasing his own tail of false premises around the landscape!  No wonder they are in a constant state of upset.  No wonder their sense of humor is so twisted around cruel satire and vituperative personal attacks.  Because, you see, it’s all up to them and their efforts.  “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  They constantly set themselves up for frustration when even the “what ifs” don’t do the trick.  Or, increasingly, their failure is projected outward towards cabals and “them” or, again, flawed process, but never flawed assumptions.

via American Thinker: President Obama’s Speech Impediment.


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