The Day American Liberalism Shed Its Invisibility Cloak

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the SCOTUS decision Bush v. Gore, stopping the illegal recounts in three Florida counties, thus ending the protracted month-long war that served to split America into states red and blue. That rift has not healed.

George Will has a good piece at WaPo here, and Ann Althouse (among so many others) offers commentary here.

Chads pregnant, dimpled and hanging were entered into the popular lexicon, and the hatred of (choose your own adventure) George W. Bush and Albert Gore were solidified. Bush went on to serve two terms, and Gore went on to win the Nobel Prize for Not Being George Bush, all while lobbying for absurd climate restrictions and technology that have made him nearly a billionaire, if he’s not one already.

Aside from being a complete jackass with his self-enriching obsession with Global Warming/Climate Change (or whatever the Luddite euphemism is these days), I will never forgive Fat Albert for refusing to concede like a man. He won the popular vote, yes, but that has nothing to do with anything – it didn’t then, and it doesn’t now, even though any argument with any Liberal at any time since will include this red herring almost immediately.

The legal recounts were not stopped, nor was the first round of illegal recounts. The second-round of illegal recounts in three heavily Democrat counties were finally stopped by the SCOTUS, and Democrats have been complaining ever since. Oh, the whining we’ve endured for a decade over this Gore-created fiasco.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Fat Albert was the Veep during a time of great economic prosperity – how bad of a campaign did he have to run to lose to the media-tagged “stupid” George W. Bush? Arguably one of the worst campaigns in modern electoral history. Who could forget the debate where Fat Albert, wearing more rouge than a Bangkok hooker, wandered over to Bush as he answered a question and Bush, surprised and amused, said “hello” as though addressing the village idiot, and kept right on talking.

Fat Albert failed repeatedly throughout his life, and he left his mark in American history by creating out of thin air a Constitutional crisis.

Please note the following fact: no serious movement has been made to amend the United States Constitution to award victory by popular vote. Liberals didn’t care about the popular vote, they just wanted Fat Albert to win.

The nastiness subsided for about 15 minutes after 9/11, but the slander directed at Pres. Bush by people who never forgave him for winning the 2000 election continues to resonate. Liberals were never a pleasant bunch, but after 2000, their gumption at not only talking politics in mixed company, but their presupposition that they’re nutty theories are in fact accurate elevated political nastiness to new heights.

It’s my theory, but so long as my generation is alive and well, I don’t think America will heal from the invective and ugliness of that election. Liberals didn’t stop, of course, because like rats and roaches, they never do – they challenge election after election, and each time they win, we understand what Fat Albert did to this country. The Franken “win” in Minnesota was but the most infamous of Liberal victories by judicial fiat, but their election strategy has simplified – wipe out the opposition first; barring that, enable as many unqualified, illegal voters as possible; barring that, take it to court and keep counting.

Karma’s a bitch, and Fat Albert’s will one day catch up to him, either in this world or the next, whatever that may be.

No matter what happens, he will never be POTUS, and for that, I am eternally thankful.



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