Today in Wikileaks arcana …

This isn’t about beating or joining – anyone not interested in the random communique’s unrelated to national security America’s diplomats are passing back and forth is probably … normal. Whatever – anyone interested in what diplomats do all day would find Wikileaks interesting, and a great deal of it is harmless.

For examples, I ask, did you know:

…that to make socialism more palatable, Hugo Chavez’s government set up a government arepera – in American English, this is …. wait for it … a taco stand, selling the Venezuelan arepera at a quarter of the market rate…

…that a Colombian air strike hit the Urada-Jigumiando Reservation, injuring a couple and their infant...

…that like MSNBC, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil is looking for forward leaning communities to work with regarding Algore Made Climate Change…

…that, when Donald Rumsfeld visited Spain in 2005, he was briefed about Espana’s socialists being, er, popular

…that in 2007, a group of South African businessmen were looking to replace Zimbabwe’s brutal dictator Robert Mugabe with a technocrat

…that in 2007, organized crime was an issue in Bulgaria

There you go/the more you know/hohoho!





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