The Jellywhite Almanac: Intellectual snobbery, the moral universe and stuff Haiti-related

Dude, they call it insomnia, but more like winsomnia if you ask me.

Which you didn’t.

I have searched for it high and low but cannot find it, so this observation is immediately discredited; however, I march forward. Over at NRO, a recent post about – who else – Sarah Palin prompted a commenter – yes, I’m going there – dubbed Conservative Surgeon to note that intelligent Conservatives hate Sarah Palin because, and this is a direct quote, “She is an idiot” [if you can find the link, please send it to me or post in z’Comments].

There is little I loathe more than intellectual snobbery. I have an IQ that would fill an intellectual dumptruck, but for the life of me I wouldn’t consider that a basis for me assuming other smart people agree with me, nor is it a basis for anyone, regardless of intelligence, politics, religion or lack thereof, etc to respect what I have to say. It takes some chops to become a surgeon, but being a surgeon doesn’t necessarily make one more intelligent – or qualified to remark on the intelligence of a person you’ve never met – than the average person. Doesn’t mean the average surgeon’s not smarter, either – what it does mean is the skills necessary to be a surgeon don’t necessarily translate into the skills necessary to spot political intelligence. Say what you will about Sarah Palin, but she’s got that in spades.

There are certain fields that are stuffed with High IQ people – some refer to them as Over-Educated Idiots (sic). It takes mega gray matter to succeed (or even gain entry) into certain fields, surgery included. Yet outside a surgical theater, what skills does a surgeon bring to Commonsenseland? As a person lacking in several areas of common sense, I’m quite adept at commenting on this. Anyone whose experienced the social retardation in a CompSci lab can relate.

I think what struck me about the comment wasn’t so much the disparaging remarks about Palin, but the need of the commenter to justify his intelligence by noting his job in his title. For the life of me, I will never understand such tomfoolery, and have little patience for people who use their assumed superior intelligence as a bat with which they waylay the rest of us. The elitist, Liberal snobbery that mocks the Tea Party, Palin and various other populist phenomena is grating not because of its Liberalism, but because of the smug notion that they’re in on a joke the rest of us don’t get – oh, we get it. Just because we don’t take marching orders from John Stewart and Rachel Maddow doesn’t mean we’re incapable of understanding it, it just means we reject “it” as patently absurd.

Self-styled Conservative Elites like our friend the surgeon and Messrs. Will and Krauthammer have been so far behind the curve regarding the Tea Parties in general and Palin specifically because they are observing physical reality through a filter created in a now-defunct parallel universe, while forgetting that Conservative politicians of success are almost always branded as idiots – Reagan included.

There are many aspects of legitimate critique of Sarah Palin, up to and including the notion that she doesn’t have enough experience to be POTUS. I don’t agree, but that’s not the point – criticize her, along with other legitimate POTUS contenders – along fair, objective and political bounds, at least if one is representing themselves as Conservatives. XYZ Is An Idiot is no way to go about critiquing a fellow Conservative, even if like Mike Huckabee, they happen to be one.

Totally couldn’t resist – totally j/k…

That leads me to this piece about Fred-6’s moral universe over at AmSpec – as good a way as any to start the day. I was fond of this paragraph:

In the midst of Obama’s rift with his core supporters, it’s illuminating to remember his primary against Hillary Clinton. With very few policy disagreements, their battle came down to Hillary portraying herself as experienced enough to know how the real world worked, and Obama inspiring his fans to imagine a better one. Yet in his press conference, Obama had morphed into the role of Hillary, scolding his base for having unrealistic expectations.

Over at The Spearhead, an unsurprising report from the UK that we’ll be hearing more about in the States in the coming years regarding the inverse of the male/female pay disparities…

If you didn’t catch it, here’s Sarah Palin’s op-ed in WSJ regarding the Ryan Roadmap. Also, she’ll be headed off to Haiti. Related: NPR report on doctors urging the distribution of the cholera vaccine in Haiti…

The Gay Patriot has a roundup of reactions to Fred-6’s epic presser … I’ve added TGP to the Royal Roll, fwiw…

I thought this picture was interesting:

That’s Pres. Bush and Muhammad Ali at one of Pres. Bush’s book signings.


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