Hitchens on the Tea Party: An Anglo-American original at his worst

[h/t HotAir]

When Christopher Hitchens referred to Sarah Palin as “the chilla from Wasilla” on the pages of Vanity Fair, I knew he probably had a pretty low opinion of the then-budding Tea Party movement. I was hoping he would keep it to himself, but that was too much to hope for; in his latest piece at Vanity Fair, Hitchens trots out every misguided, misinformed, classist cliche at his disposal, and also manages to turn in the laziest piece of writing with his name on it I’ve read in the last 15 years. That I say that about a writer and thinker I deeply admire is unfortunate, but it’s true.

I say that as an amateur expert on the man’s work – I’ve read eleven books he’s authored, another collection of writing he edited. I’ve read his work at Vanity Fair and Slate for years, and I’ve watched many of his debates on YouTube, from the great one with Dr. Timothy Jackson regarding the existence of God, to the rhetorically nasty one with George Galloway, in which a sweat-stained Hitchens is accused by Georgeous George of being aligned with the Devil, George W. Bush. I’m an atheist, but not because of Hitchens or any other of the so-called neo-Atheists; however, Hitchens has certainly made it easier to be an atheist in this country.

All of that is for naught. Here are some of Hitchens’ fabulous insights into the Tea Party movement:

  • It’s a movement of neo-Birchers, only worse
  • It’s racist
  • It’s childish
  • It’s all Glenn Beck and his obsession with W. Cleon Skousen

And so on.

Here’s where Hitchens, wittingly or not, shows his cards:

And this is their response to the election of an extremely moderate half-African American candidate, who speaks better English than most and who has a model family. Revolted by this development, huge numbers of white people choose to demonstrate their independence and superiority by putting themselves eagerly at the disposal of a tear-stained semi-literate shock jock, and by repeating his list of lies and defamations. But, of course, there’s nothing racial in their attitude …

Hey Christopher, you forgot to remind us that he’s clean, too.

What in the name of all that’s unholy is Christopher Hitchens talking about? …extremely moderate half-African American candidate… who just happened to have the most- or second-most Liberal voting record during his brief, back-benching term in the Senate? A man who resents white people, who resents this country, who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s pews for 20 years listening to that foul-mouthed hatred spew forth – this is the moderate Hitchens is talking about?

By calling Glenn Beck – a figure I’m no fan of – semi-literate, is he saying that he can only sort of read, or he’s only read some of the right books? Oh, I got it – it’s raaaaaacist.

For me, this is a sad, sad piece of work. Only a maniac would agree with Hitchens about everything, or even most things. Jeebus, he’s a contrarian for Chrissake. I’ve always – always – respected Hitchens’ work not because I agree with all of it or even most of it, but because it’s always been thoughtful. At times the man is full of bombast, and when speaking rare is the day he’s not engaging and entertaining, but seriously – resorting to the canard that just because a group of people is white and not as well-educated as the President, that makes them racist? Or racially fearful? Ask these same people about Conservative African-American figures and see what their attitude is. Ask them about Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Alan West, and on and on and on an on.

But not – it’s much easier to lob intellectually lazy bombs to please Graydon Carter’s cocktail circuit, I guess. He speaks of the childishness of a Tea Party really where the crowd chanted that MMGW was “bullshit,” and he writes:

I don’t remember ever seeing grown-ups behave less seriously, at least in an election season.

Really Christopher? Really? Were you in bed for the months of Yeswecanyeswecanyeswecan pseudo-idolatry, or were you a part of it, at least after you sobered up enough to realize your projection of Algore sweeping in to steal the election was sort of off-base (that’s not a swipe at your drinking – as a drunk myself, I’ve no problems with your personal habits and wish you best with your fight against cancer)? Whether you like the man or not, you don’t remember the Christ-like awe then-Sen. Barack Obama was greeted at by his disciples wherever he went? You don’t remember the fake seal of the President-Elect, the fake seal of POTUS candidate? The idiotic, fasict-like hand-signals, slogans and signs? The One? The Magic Negro? The endless photographs of the man, jaw pointed towards the heavens, lighted halo above his head? The freaking Star Wars Kid had more sense of self than the insanity that surrounded Barack’s Magical Mystery Tour. Did you sleep through that six months of American history? Most of my friends are loathe to talk about their votes for this national disgrace because they are embarrassed that not only did they not see this coming, they actually thought that Barack Obama was the real deal, that he was the change they’d been waiting on. It took about two months for those stickers to come flying off the rear bumpers, yep.

I’m going to write more on this later, but what an absolute shame – I hope Hitchens gets plenty of back-slaps from all the right people, because for those of us who are part of the racist masses he has suddenly grown to loathe, he’s just made a complete jackass out of himself. What a shame.

What a shame.


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