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Good morning. Have you checked out Google’s Chrome Store, opened for business and lots of freebies, yesterday?

Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday – I have nothing to say about that, but this is interesting

Here’s AmSpec’s rundown of yesterday’s tax “deal” …

And NRO’s Jim Geraghty:

In his opening statement, Obama talked about how much he wanted to fight on this issue, but then he says he’s going to sign it because it’s the best possible option under the circumstances. One moment he’s insisting that the country can’t afford to extend the high-end tax cuts, the next he’s dismissing continued opposition on the part of Democrats as “fighting a political fight.” He’s trying to simultaneously assure Democrats that he didn’t sell them out and opposes tax cuts for the wealthy as much as they do, while at the same time, persuade them to vote for a deal that he just said he opposes so much.

Vox Popoli has been home to some of the best commentary on Wikileaks – here’s another example of it. As I said, Wikileaks has spurred some great writing and thinking, dis/agreement set aside:

It is completely false and historically illiterate to argue, as some would have it, that it would be self-destructive for a state in which the people are sovereign to retain no secrets. Quite the opposite is true; because most great powers fall to internal corruption prior to their conquest by external parties, it is the ability of powerful elements within the state to conceal information from the rest of the state that leads to the subversion of the state and its eventual transformation and collapse.

NPR is having trouble concealing its distaste for Fred-6’s Admin dropping the settlement freeze in Israel-P’stine peace talks…

A quick aside – I can’t remember who made the observations (possibly/probably Rush Limbaugh) but regarding the Wikileaks dox, where is all the proof that, um, Bush lied, Cheney lied, Rove lied et al in order to rush America into war in order to steal oil? Seems like that would be in those dox somewhere…

AmThink discusses HRC’s horrid week

Over at HotAir, Allah included KO’s “Special Comment” about yesterday’s deal. I watched about three minutes, and could watch no more. KO – he’s crazy, right?

Headline of the Day…

I’m reading Witchcraft at Salem by Chadwick Hansen. It’s pretty good – turns out, Cotton Mather was actually a pretty observant, low-key guy who’d dealt with witchcraft early in his ministering career. Who knew…

I love this piece from DaTechGuy, “Sooner or later you have to join the side you’re on…” re JoeScar…

It’s Nicki Minaj’s 26th b’day today – if you haven’t checked out her collaboration with Kanye, Blazin’, check it. It’s driving older female rappers nutzo for some reason, but I’m loving me some Nicki…

Big Hollywood is disappointed with the Cooen Brothers’ remake of True Grit:

John Wayne was and is this country’s most popular screen legend, still in the top ten in the Harris Poll every year. Yet he was often an unsung actor, though one who could fill the screen and entertain like few of his profession before or after him. It’s not that the 2010 True Grit is a bad film, it’s not, but it’s not a great film either. The Coen Brothers version just make you realize how much more entertaining the Wayne and Henry Hathaway directed True Grit really still is.  In their effort to give us a more down and dirty version of the Old West, though the Wayne film is hardly sanitized, they’ve made this new version dull and uninspiring. Co-writer and co-director Ethan Coen said that they wanted to do the film from fourteen year old Mattie’s perspective and make it tougher and more violent. In the process they merely aped the original and duplicated most of the best scenes and dialogue, virtually verbatim.

And that, as they say, is that. Here’s a picture of Nicki Minaj to start your day:


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