So tell me again: is the POTUS calling the people who voted for him ‘sanctimonious’ the change we’ve all been waiting for?

Wow, Captain Cool sort of lost it today, which would be bloody hysterical if he wasn’t, you know, the POTUS aka The Commander in Chief aka de facto leader of the free world and stuff – I tend to use the Fred-6 thing half in jest, but I’m afraid it’s more apt than not.

AP had a nice take on it at HotAir, as did Drew at Ace, which is linked within the quote:

Ace’s co-blogger DrewM had the best take on this afternoon’s presser turned mini-meltdown: “Man, if Obama is Spock, he’s in the middle of the Pon Farr.” Two clips for you, the first of him snottily reprising Bob Menendez’s terrorist analogy by comparing Republicans to “hostage-takers” on taxes — and then using that to justify his decision to negotiate with them(!). Note to The One: Probably not a good idea for America’s top law enforcement officer and military commander-in-chief to broadcast the fact that he’ll come to the table only if you play rough enough with him.

This notion of hostage-takers and sanctimony is pretty interesting coming from a perpetual backbencher who manages to look down his nose at people while eating a hamburger. Although not exactly original, I’ve argued since early in his candidacy that Fred-6 is thin-skinned, and the best way to hit him is either by making repeated, ruthless fun of him, or simply asking him what change is he talking about, considering his nutjob supporters are rolling around on the floor throwing a national temper-tantrum.

They got health care – what the hell do they want? Oh, that’s right, a public option in the plan, and a public execution for anyone who dares to suggest that they are, um, insane.

Because they are.

Although this is wildly funny because the Left is finally getting a chance to see the incompetent boob that Conservatives have observed for some time, again, this idiot is in the Oval Office for two more years. It’s not like he’s a county commissioner or, gaia-forbid, a football coach – we’re stuck with him. Worse yet, because of identity politics, there’s probably not much of a chance for a dipshit Donkey to challenge him the primary and rough him up a bit …. thus leading to more wildly entertaining meltdowns where Fred-6 looks like he’d rather be constructing a topographical map of his wife’s gigantic ass than fielding questions about how a community organizer from the South Side of Chicagoland just sold out the left-wing base he pretty much represents.

Oh yeah, btw, the only thing for Conservatives to celebrate is the meltdown – yeah, we got our non-tax-hikes, but, um, the Donkeys are still in lame duck status and we have no power; not sure I’d classify this as much of a win.

Whatever – I’ll take what I can get, and rare is the day that Conservatives have anything to laugh or cheer that doesn’t involve in some manner or the other one Sarah Palin.

What really interests me is this, and I’ll use it as an exit-question/food for thought thingamajig: Remember that scene in the reloaded James Bond film Casino Royale where the evil guy uses the huge rope with a knot in it to repeatedly wrack and thus torture James Bond? What would be worse, that or the coming act of sitting all the way through the Hostage in Chief’s State of the Union address?

I’d take the knot to the nuts, personally, but I’ll probably watch the SOTU anyway, just to see if he a) goes Howard Beale with it, or even better, decides that Mel Gibson a’la Ransom is more in line with his strategy. Deep down, you just know he wants to threaten someone – anyone – on national television while sitting behind a huge pile of money.

Give me back my Presidency!!!!


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