Previously on the Internet … Assange arrested for Rape edition

Holy shit – how about this to start us off:

You can read about it at The Guardian here, and you can read the background on the rape accusers here and here. The Spearhead has done some interesting work on the latter, hence the link. Wikileaks has provoked some of the most interesting commentary on all sides regarding our right/desire/infuriation to State information. The notion that Assange himself should be tried for treason in America – he’s an Australian citizen, for Chrissake – is absurd, but the PFC who shared so much of the latest information should be tried for treason and, if found guilty, hung.

What a shit game that was last night. I knew the Jets were poseurs, but I didn’t think they’d lose by a half-century to the Pats. Tom “Deal with the Devil” Brady had another spectacular night – weird to see Peyton Manning playing so poorly and contrasting it with the caliber of Brady’s play. I’ve always thought Manning was, technically-speaking, the better quarterback whereas Brady is the one you want on your team. The latter still holds true, but the last two years, I’m not sure Brady hasn’t shown to be the technically-better quarterback as well. See PFT commentary here

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk politics, religion and herrrrrpppp…

Today is the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor – link to American Power for observation. Don Surber made an issue of something in the Googleverse I noticed as well first thing this morning…

Although I’m putting together a longer piece on the subject, here’s Free Republic on Sarah Palin’s policy specifics, and here’s Business Insider on Gov. Palin’s recent Note about the coming state bailouts.  From Palin’s Note:

Instead of coming to D.C. cap in hand asking for more “free” money, they should follow the example of their more prudent sister states and take the necessary steps to sort out their own finances. They must start by reforming their insolvent pension systems. Many states have multi-billion dollar unfunded pension liability problems that they have refused to address for many years.  They’ve deferred their spending problems, assuming the problem deferred would be an issue avoided; instead, it’s resulted in a crisis invited.  These states still won’t reform their costly defined benefit systems for fear of offending the powerful public sector unions. Sooner or later, their pension systems will collapse unless they do what states like Alaska did, which is to swap unsustainable defined benefits, which are more like glorified Ponzi schemes, for a more prudent defined contributions system.

Also, read about PES here, and the use of the term “fat little troll” to describe Newt here…

Stories like this infuriate me, and they never get old. Colleges, which are swimming money, continue to encourage students to go on food stamps and other forms of welfare. There are days when the temptation to burn down the forest of higher education grows intense…

From NPR, the bug that’s infesting the Kona coffee crop – be afraid, be very, very afraid…

And to close … the Atlas Shrugged movie finally got a release date – whew. Enjoy the day, kids…


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