Previously on the Internet … Mayra Veronica edition

Morning – Big Blue won so let’s get to it.

Google’s e-book store is getting ready to open, just as I’m poised to shock the world with a Kindle and an iCrunk. Being Google, I look forward to the dirt-cheap/freeness…

R.S. McCain has a long piece about Helen Thomas’s latest anti-Zionist nut-job rantings – remember, this woman was the doyenne of the White House Press corps for a half-century. “Helen Thomas belongs to the Sirhan Sirhan wing of the Democrat Party, and it is high time we begin to speak frankly about how far and how deep this dangerous radicalism has spread.” Heh. Also, McCain has an attorney for Some Guy You’ve Never Heard Of after him, and his response is, dare I say, uproarious:

This was germain to my point that trolls (and remember, Brown has confessed to engaging in troll behavior) are a byproduct of the 21st-century workplace, which often results in people working in social isolation — that is, sitting alone in front of their computers, rather than in an office environment — and that the online world causes some people to fixate on virtual relationships with people they’ve never met in real life. This isolation has consequences. To quote a famous cartoon, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” And likewise on the Internet, nobody knows you’re a sociopathic narcissist unless, in your desperate attempts to bridge the yawning chasm of cognitive dissonance between your imagined importance and your actual irrelevance, you engage in behavior that makes your mental disorder blindingly apparent to everyone who cares to notice.

Via Instapundit, more thoughts on the American tuition bubbleMy wife is French. She spent twice as much time in class at her second-tier French university as I did in my flagship American university (the University of Virginia), and more time studying, too (even though I was studious by American standards, and as a result, later went on to attend Harvard Law School). France spends less per student on higher education than we do, to produce a more literate and knowledgeable citizenry.

I loved this from Matt Patterson at Big Hollywood regarding the critical acclaim for “The Walking Dead:

So why such gushing praise from the critics?  Liberals love zombies, because they terrorize in the aggregate and lack individual will, volition and character, and so lend themselves easily to being used as a metaphor for any sort of large scale environmental, economic, or military catastrophe.  This allows the film-maker to engage in “social commentary” (lucky us), which liberal artists love to make more than art and liberal critics love to praise more than critique.  George Romero pioneered this approach with “Night of the Living Dead,” which used zombies to cast a light on race relations, and “Dawn of the Dead,” which satirized America’s mall-culture commercialism, among others.

Here is the kind of ‘good government’ idea I couldn’t imagine, because I don’t like to admit the government does anything well other than ending human life, deserved or not. Anyway, from the Washington Examiner:

Every year, America’s smaller governments issue bonds that have an advantage over other forms of debt. Provided that the issuers meet all of the criteria under federal law, interest from these bonds is exempted from federal taxes. This augments the after-tax yield of state and municipal bonds, making them compare more favorably with other conservative investments, such as corporate bonds. This indirect subsidy from Uncle Sam to local governments comes to about $40 billion annually … Nunes’ bill, in addition to barring future pension bailouts by federal taxpayers, simply adds a requirement for state and local governments that want to issue tax-exempt bonds. Unless they hand over complete information on the health of their pension funds to the U.S. Treasury Department, they won’t qualify for the treasured tax exemption. You want to borrow money and build that new school or town square? Then show us your books.

NPR is among the outlets reporting Newt’s assertion that POTUS run is do-able. I linked to their short story on the topic because there is a name they seem to be avoiding … it’s on the tip of my tongue

Finally, he might have lost his Heisman, but Reggie Bush apparently gets this trophy, the lovely Cuban model and singer Mayra Veronica:

I’m out.



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