Yep, just an incurious rube, that Palin woman…

In her latest book, “America by Heart,” Sarah Palin knits together an eclectic list of philosophers, pop stars, Founding Fathers and politicians, invoking everyone from Plato to Juno in what many see as a platform for a potential presidential run in 2012.

No one, however, was more surprised to be on that list than Luigi Zingales, a somewhat obscure University of Chicago finance professor, whose pro-market policies and staunch defense of unfettered American capitalism were used by Palin to batter the Obama administration and set the table for her own economic priorities.

“The fact she knows my work is flattering,” Zingales said. “The fact that any politician would know my work would be flattering.”

via Sarah Palin’s America By Heart: University of Chicago prof gets a mention –


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