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There’s some good stuff out there this morning, but jfc it’s cold … but it is December, so that’s what I get for not living withing a hundred miles of the equator. Alright, let’s get to it…

This was passed along to me, and it’s of no relevance whatsoever, it’s still interesting to Me and People Similar to Me (that would be celebrity-obsessed Conservatives). The Hill put together a quick throwaway of celebrities who have said Not Hateful things about Sarah Palin – read it here. I could have put this story together, as there’s zero original reporting in it. The reaction to JoScar’s admonition to go after Sarah Palin has drawn strong reaction – here’s a good one

Quin Hillyer, a writer I’m not a fan of, writes a good piece at AmSpec:

This is, after all, a man who looks with a fair amount of disdain, rather than pride, at American history. He sees our flaws, and imagines other flaws that didn’t exist. He despises our ally Great Britain, and resents our ally Israel, and doesn’t really mind leftist agitators such as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. He believes corporations are inherently evil,unless they are “partnered” with (or dominated by and directly answerable to) government. He believes not in a free market but a managed market, not in entrepreneurship but in incentivized “investment,” both private and especially public, for the supposed common good.

Liberals in 2010-12 will be the world’s Frank Burns’s – all that ails us is either God’s will or someone else’s fault. Since they don’t believe in God, well, AmThink notes that the blame game is already underway

Here’s NPR’s rundown of Grammy nominations. Eminem received 10 nominations, and he deserves them – Recovery is a powerful, powerful album, and Eminem, with each effort, continues to grow stronger. Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, and Justin Bieber – yes, Justin Bieber – are among other nominees…

Yesterday, I made fun of AmThink’s Robin of Berkley for complaining about trollz. American Power has a different take: They’re evil, plain and simple…

Amazon is finally kicking Wikileaks to the curb…

A cool idea for a bed here, but be warned – as much as I love Ikea, their chest-of-draws begin to sag with some weight – it took 6 months for the top drawer of mine to become non-operational with an old-style 15-inch television sitting atop it…

Dick Morris hates him some Clintons! His latest piece over at TownHall regarding Wikileaks and HRC is interesting.

Seems like old times. In the 1992 presidential campaign, the Clintons retained private detectives to learn negative information about the women who were accusing Bill of improper conduct so as to provide blackmail material to cow them into silence. During his White House tenure, FBI files on prominent Republicans somehow ended up on the desk of an operative who was hired pursuant to Hillary’s recommendation after a career as a bar bouncer.

Linda Tripp, whose efforts led to the denouement of the president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, found the details of her personnel file splashed all over the newspapers. A subsequent federal lawsuit found that her file information had been released improperly, and a U.S. district court judge levied a heavy fine on the government for the violation.

The fact that this current State Department covert operation was initiated under Rice does not lessen Hillary’s guilt for having pursued it. Clinton, not Rice, has run for president and is presumed to continue to be interested in the job. Her addiction to spies, dumpster divers, sleuths and negative research operatives has always been a cause for concern.

The jury has been out on how well Hillary is performing as secretary of state. I have always been critical of her riding on her husband’s name to achieve fame and power. But when she was appointed secretary of state, clearly despite her husband rather than because of him, I felt it prudent to withhold judgment. This is, after all, the first real job she has ever gotten on her own

I used to read TH regularly, but their pop-ups finally ran me off – I see nothing has changed…

Over at PowerLine:

Science reporter Michael Fumento is a paragon of political incorrectness. This year he blew the whistle on the absolution of Koua Fong Lee by the Minnesota legal system. The Minnesota media usually perk up at the slightest national attention to any local story. The Lee case is a huge local story. For some reason, however, Fumento’s critique of the Minnesota authorities in the Lee case has yet to penetrate the local media.

Fumento more notably provided a sane counterpoint to the AIDS hysteria of the 1980’s. Starting in 1987Fumento deconstructed The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS peddled with great effectiveness by Dr. Everett Koop from his lofty perch as the Surgeon General of the United States. I think it was Fumento who pointed out at the time that heterosexual men were more likely to die of breast cancer than of AIDS.

Good lord, where to start! First, how about at the asylum…

When I was admitted to an asylum back in September, I was asked if I had any STDs. I told them I did not. I was asked if I practice safe sex, and I told them rarely. “Do you know how STDs are transmitted?”

“Yes,” I said.

“How about AIDS?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Don’t you worry about it?”

“No, I don’t have anal sex with other men, and I don’t suck cock,” I said – true quote. The nurse was flabbergasted.

Sam Kinison did a long riff about this back in the day. After using the mocking voice of the AIDS nanny, he makes the common statement ‘heterosexuals can get it too.” His response? “NAME ONE! Name one heterosexual…”

AIDS is not HIV, and as long as this fraud is perpetrated, the longer we ignore the problem. HIV is a problem in America – AIDS, while sad, devastating, etc, is not a problem in the United States.

Here’s the 2011 Women’s World Cup draws if you care, which you don’t. The WWC is hosted by Germany this year. I’m listening to “The Football Show” [sorry, that’s what it’s called!] and they’re saying that in Japan’s bid in Zurich, Sony promised to be able to broadcast via hologram World Cup matches into other stadia around the world if Japan get the Cup, which they won’t because they just hosted eight years ago. Hella-cool … still rooting for USA in ’22, and if we get it, might adopt a 12-year-old Brazilian Boy and get all Lawnmower Man on him with The Beautiful Game…

Good day!


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