Big Important Piece of Yesterday: Totally missed it…

He’s on my Facebook feed, and I forgot about it – here’s Pres. Bush in an op-ed at WaPo:

But the most vivid results, for me, had a more human scale. On World AIDS Day in 2005, two young children from South Africa, Emily and Lewis, came for a White House visit. They chased around the Oval Office before Emily did what many others no doubt wanted to do – she fell asleep in her mother’s lap during my speech. Both young children were HIV-positive but had begun treatment. I could not even imagine all that curiosity and energy still and silent.

I firmly believe it has served American interests to help prevent the collapse of portions of the African continent. But this effort has done something more: It has demonstrated American character and beliefs. America is a certain kind of country, dedicated to the inherent and equal dignity of human lives. It is this ideal – rooted in faith and our founding – that gives purpose to our power. When we have a chance to do the right thing, we take it.

via George W. Bush – America’s global fight against AIDS.


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One Response to Big Important Piece of Yesterday: Totally missed it…

  1. Eric says:

    Yes, we spent billions of dollars helping people too stupid to figure out how AIDS is transmitted, and they repay us by spreading rumors that we created the AIDS virus to kill them all. Money well spent, Dubya.

    Every time I start to reevaluate my opinion of Bush, he says something like this that reminds me why it doesn’t need revising.

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