Previously on the Internet … A very special episode from McDonalds

I’m about to kill my Internet God …. damn you!!!

Anyway, technical difficulties have sent me to an Arches, so all is good. Don’t just stand there let’s get to it…

I’ll start out with a cartoon I found at Don Surber’s place – if you like political cartoons, he posts them pretty much daily – add his site to your feed and run with it:

Empire Sate health care union 1199 is dropping health care coverage for children. In related news, I told you so…

There’s one Bush – the one that hasn’t been POTUS, of course – who likes Sarah Palin…

It’s 0700 and I still hate NPR – who give a flying uck-fay about the psychological scars of a goddamn oil spill? I’m not so concerned about the scars on the psyche as I am about the scars on the coastal economy. Rush Limbaugh went off on a tangent about Ann Althouse calling him out for calling Julian Assange a sissy – Rush responded that that’s typical of the ‘chickification’ of the culture. Althouse repsonded in kind – Althouse’s blog is Top 5 for me, but Rush was and remains right on this – and this idiotic NPR story proves as much. To show that I’m not a hypocrite or a douchebag, here’s a good piece from Althouse a couple posts later – and her local photography is fantastic…

Here’s a good personal narrative about the writer’s remembrance of Leslie Nielsen’s mid-career comedic fountainhead…

While there are takes regarding SarahPAC’s financial haul last month, AmPower has an interesting take on it…

Over at AmThink, Robin of Berkeley ruminates about trollz:

When I started my little blog, it didn’t occur to me that trolls would come out in droves.  Why would leftists expend their energies on me? And why would they subject themselves to scrutiny by a licensed psychotherapist?But apparently, numerous trolls have been drawn to me, like venomous bees to honey. These trolls use the same weaponry of other extreme progressives: shame and degradation. They try to use ridicule as sort of stun gun, immobilizing the other. (Another interesting tidbit: People with character disorders do the very same thing. Coincidence?) As a psychotherapist, I can see right through them to who they are and how they operate. Nonetheless, I still remain curious about these creepy crawlers, whom I have dubbed “My Friends, the Enemy.” (This is my generally futile attempt to be magnanimous like the Dalai Lama, who uses the phrase to describe the Chinese.)

I think she misses a few things, the first being that only the least-clever trollz hurl progressive political invective, and I wouldn’t even call them trollz. Trolls teach us a great many things about society and, more importantly, how to behave on the Internet. Now, even the most naive people understand to take ‘outrageously outraged’ righteous indignation with a grain of salt. RoB feeds the troll, even in this small statement, by asserting a false authority that ‘as a psychotherapist’ and thus has the capacity to see through them. There is also the issue of using her spot at AmThink to write about trollz aka really feeding the troll. Furthermore – and this is the real bait – the use of Progressive politics is merely a Macguffin to gripe about people who have registered and successfully trolled her blog, whether she realizes it or not. Trolling used to be a big deal on the Internet, but now that 4Chan is as mainstream as amateur pornography, trolling online – and not just at 4chan – is literally pissing in an ocean of piss. In other words, get over yourself, RoB.

There is no way to diagnose a troll, because everyone trollz in some form another, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or unstable about it. Progressive can get quite nasty when it comes to politics, but trolling has nothing to do with the color of one’s politics. The best trollz are subtle – while anyone can theoretically hack someone Facebook and commence to going nuts with it, trolling – be it on Facebook, at a political site or on Robin’s blog – is more an artform. Like F/X, if you can see it when it’s happening the troll has failed.

/down from pulpit, back to trolling

Alright, here’s one about what the XX’s are dealing with today over at Moxie’s place: will men ever settle down if they haven’t by the time they’re 40. The King speaks for no man but himself, but I will not – I made a decision a long time ago not to settle with one woman, probably because the one woman I wanted to do just that with was pretty much repulsed by me. Now I have Cassie, but I wouldn’t call us settle – schizophrenic would be a better term. Anyway, Moxie’s points are good, the main one being why would a guy who’s comfortable with his life at 40 [enter my words] suddenly take host to a parasitic body like an XX? I love women – love the shit out of them – but they make life more expensive, more complicated and, unless you want to procreate – more limiting unless you’re in a polyamorous relationship. If procreation is your thing, settle with one woman and live happily – it’s what the pair that spawned me have done for 45 years … otherwise, players are players and the game never stops, thankfully….

Here’s your moment of catharsis for the day:

I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!!

Love it…

Sarah Silverman turns 40 today – bitch is so tough she shits with her knickers on:

I don’t care what anyone says, Jesus is Magic was the funniest expression of free speech since Sam Kinison died. The line – and I’ll mangle it – So last night I was licking jelly off my boyfriend’s penis and I thought ‘Oh my god, I’m turning into my mother!’ is probably the hardest I’ve laughed in ever…

Alright, time to do other shit -have a good-un.


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