Previously on the Intnernet … The Royal webz keep brokeding thus vitiating z’King’s access

God, what a frustrating morning. I’m trying to get shit done, but the god*$&n webz keep shutting down on me … this will be a rapid, truncated version of POTI. Before I start, last night’s shocking result (no, not the Niners pistol-whipping the Cards): Barcelona beat Real Madrid like a rented mule, 5-0, which in football is about like beating a team in basketball by over 9000 points. Big effing deal, considering these are the two best teams in Real 1.

Also, if this is all you read with little info following, it’s because my webz broke again…

Let’s start with the serious: Lee Smith takes the nightstick to the latest Wikileaks dump, and his thesis is that it’s – intentionally or not – a covert-op by neocons. I have drawn no conclusions thus far, but Smith’s piece is riccocheting around the netz at high speed. Read it

Here’s how bizarre of an NFL season it is this year: in the PFT Power rankings, Atlanta is first, and frankly, I can’t argue with this. The Giants clock in at 12, which hurts me to say that this ranking is way too high (I’d put them around 17 or so). In other football news, “The Football Show” is discussing whether or not USA can get the ’22 World Cup over Qatar – I don’t see it happening as Qatar has way too much money to throw around. Also related, are you effing kidding me? Doesn’t Eric Holder have more important business to ‘tend to?

I keep NPR on my Google Reader to remind me of why I hate NPR (see David Mamet for a better explanation). The headline is “Summit a Chance for Obama, GOP to Tone It Down” and the story, while straight-forward, seems to conveniently forget what Conservatives Remember: Captain I-Won hasn’t always been so welcoming, and Conservatives outside the Beltway – those of us who vote for the types that just took over Congress – do not want the kind of compromise the story baits the reader into thinking necessary for a healthy government. The best government is a stalled one. Also on this, Michelle Malkin calls the summit ‘lame duck theater.’ Well-played…

Via C4P, I expect a lot more of this in the next two years as Fred-6’s Administration – openly hostile to Israel and Jewish interests (not the same thing, of course)  – is revealed to be even worse regarding Israel behind closed doors. Wikileaks is proving as much: In recent weeks, a number of prominent Jewish intellectuals have been publicly praising Sarah Palin. This despite a recent poll, reported by veteran analyst James Besser (Nov. 26), that well-educated Jews appear to be overwhelmingly opposed to Palin. How do we explain this discrepancy?

Over at AmSpec, a provocatively-titled “Is Sarah Palin too Dumb to be President?” AmSpec, like everyone else, realizes that putting Palin’s name in a headline will draw clicks – it did mine – but it’s actually a good piece about how any GOPer will be labeled as stupid if given the nomination. The nugget:

Because this “too dumb to be president” argument is precisely the same-old, same-old argument from liberal elites about Republican presidents or prospective presidents for decades. The argument is particularly relished when it comes to describing conservatives like the former Alaska governor. But even GOP moderates can never escape this tag once they morph from unannounced candidate (and therefore not a political threat to liberalism) to actual frontrunner, nominee or, God forbid, the actual president.

IMAO offers some suggestions on what Fred-6 can do about WikiLeaks…

A great thinkpiece over at AmThink regarding hypocrisy in the American hiphop community:

I have always found it puzzling that so many musicians hold tyrannical icons such as Che Guevara in such high regard. Che, hands-down the most identifiable “revolutionary” figure in the world, held contempt for both minorities and music, yet his face finds its way to album covers, instruments, t-shirts, and other music attire. On African-Americans, he wrote, “The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.” He also attempted to ban musical expression, which he thought imperial in nature and considered a threat to the revolution. Numerous roqueros were jailed following the revolutionary takeover of Cuba, and not even Che’s grandson, Canek Sanchez Guevara, was exempt from the policy. The musically inclined Canek eventually fled to Mexico following a series of altercations between the police and his band, yet groups such as Rage Against the Machine proclaim Che as their “honorary fifth band member.”

A good overview of America by Heart by Whitney over at C4P… Just to show you I’m fair and imbalanced, here’s some advice from MSNBC “conservative” drone Joe Scarborough: attack Sarah Palin. Yep, nothing to see here

Alright, I’m off – have a good’un. Until this afternoon … z’King


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