Big Important Piece of the Day: Politics as Warfare


This morning three Democratic Party strategists, Ed Kilgore, James Vega and J. P. Green, sent out a “strategy memo” that was titled, rather clumsily: “Beyond ‘Sabotage’ — The Central Issue About the Growing Political Extremism of the Republican Party Is That It’s Undermining Fundamental American Standards of Ethical Political Conduct and Behavior.” That’s quite a charge; what evidence do the authors offer in support of it?

They begin by referring to a Washington Monthly article in which a blogger named Steve Benen “gave voice to a growing and profoundly disturbing concern among Democrats–that Republicans may actually plan to embrace policies designed to deny Obama not only political victories but also the maximum possible economic growth during his term in order weaken Democratic prospects in the 2012 elections.” This is a remarkably silly theory. If Republicans really wanted to retard economic growth, they would join with the Obama administration in raising taxes, increasing regulations and proceeding with the government takeover of medicine and destruction of small business. But they aren’t doing that. Instead, Republicans are advocating the same policies they do when a Republican administration is in power: lower taxes, less regulation, a strong national defense. Democrats and Republicans disagree, of course, as to how economic growth can best be promoted. The disagreement that is now playing out in Washington is a continuation of the same debate we have witnessed for the past forty to fifty years.


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