Previously on the Internet … Monday? More like Phunday, amirite? (UPDATED)

Hi kids, do you like Prim…

Never mind. Giants won, so I’m cool. Spent the weekend refining the Jellywhite for a concept album – part mashup, part lyrical atrocity, all skill. With that, let’s bustz’move…

Let’s start with something happy, like how U.S. funding of stable Palestinian police forces to the tune of a $400 million between 2007 and 2010 and now … a sudden rise in torture cases? Wait, what? Last Wednesday, during a joint press conference with Fayyad, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the US will give the PA an additional $150 million in aid to supplement the $400 million in financial assistance that President Barack Obama pledged in June. This supplement comes in response to Fayyad’s claim that he needs $500 million to close his budget shortfall.

There is no end to the pissedoffery this inspires within me, so I’ll pass along this bit of commentary from American Spectator:

The rise [in torture cases] has, indeed, occurred since a Hamas terror attack in the West Bank in August that killed four Israelis. The PA, which saw the attack as implying a threat to its own rule, rounded up over 700 suspects — “almost all,” FT says, “without proper warrants and held…without the assent of civilian judges or prosecutors.” … But the situation is indeed problematic, and partly for moral reasons. If the point of Palestinian statehood is supposedly to free the Palestinians from Israeli occupation, then creating another Arab police state for them seems of dubious value at best. At least, it is hard to see why the U.S. should invest so much money and diplomacy — including harsh pressures on Israel — toward that goal.

Good lord … this started under the Bush Administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress; let’s hope it stops with the GOP being put into power. Read the full story at JPost, which signals that we might start heading in a more, um, not insane direction.

This, from a review of Guyland, over at the Spearhead: Guyland isn’t really an attempt to understand “guys.” It’s ultimately more of an exercise in telling women, feminists and frightened parents the horror stories they want to hear about the “privileged” white American male…

I’m fond of Wizbang’s answer to the Wikileaks problem:

We need to adapt to this new reality. We need to rework how we deal with these trans-national organizations, to come up with new rules that cover groups that wage war on the US while still pretending to be “civilians.”

In the case of WikiLeaks, my personal sentiment is to treat them precisely how they have become to be: a hostile foreign intelligence agency at war with the United States. Espionage charges, counterintelligence, information warfare, and even — if necessary, “wet work” — targeted assassinations … That’s the game they have chosen to play. And by choosing to play in the big leagues, they have forfeited their right to the protections accorded civilians …Welcome to The Show, WikiLeaks. You wanted in — you got it.

From Instapundit:

THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR JOHN MCCAIN WE’D SEE “NATIONAL SECURITY” USED AS AN EXCUSE FOR ALL SORTS OF INTRUSION:And they were right! “Given President Obama’s plans to continue extraordinary rendition under a different name, you can see why he’d rather not delve into questions like these. But candidate Obama told us to be wary of presidents who use national security as a cover for violating people’s rights.” Remember the fierce moral urgency of change?

Jonathan F. Keiler observes Carter’s Razor: Carter’s razor rest on the sound assumption that doing the opposite of whatever James Earl Carter prescribes will probably place American foreign policy on the right track, or very close to it…

RIP Leslie Nielsen

From Tubular, on Sarah Palin’s Alaska: It’s odd to take a step back and think about this show like some of the other voyeuristic exercises on the TLC schedule. (Think Little People, Big World or Sister Wives.) Those are shows about unique families just doing what they do, with the small exception of being followed by a camera crew to allow the viewer a glimpse at another kind of life. It makes me wonder, if I were to watch this show under those conditions, would I actually find myself liking Sarah Palin?

I love it when Reason’s Matt Welch dusts off the old Tom Friedman punching bag – it’s the kind of humor that takes a masochist’s persistence. I actually loved Friedman’s The World is Flat, but apparently, I was about the only one. I’m trying to think of a nonfiction book of the last decade that has reaped more ridicule…

Although the GOC is the home for my football (not handegg, football) musings, I have to pass this along. Follow the link for the five proposed stadia should Qatar get the ’22 World Cup on Thursday. They’re all wild, but here’s a taste:

[UPDATE: Just read RS McCain’s take on the Friedman stuff – effing hyyyy-sterical. Money quote: Why didn’t congressional candidates fill the airwaves with campaign ads calling for the enactment of Friedman’s ideas, or excoriating those small-minded obstructionists who stand in the way of our glorious Friedmanite future?]


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