Another great one from Legal Insurrection: Obsessing over the Palin-haters’ obsession

Although dated, this is what I refer to as a bombdotcom piece. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this sentiment – I’ve embodied it for over two years, as have many of my closest political friends. I admire and respect Sarah Palin like no other American politician on the scene. As I wrote earlier this week, I want her to be POTUS, but more than that, I want to defeat Fred-6 and wipe the smug smile off the face of the American Left, a coterie of jackasses so sure of their intellect that they can’t see their own blinding stupidity staring them in the face.

Jacobson’s point – that perhaps a nasty fight with a POTUSy at stake is what this country needs. I’ve thought so for some time – Gov. Palin, more than any figure I can remember in the last 20 years, is capable of smoking out the Left and establishment Republicans with equal gusto – this is something I’ve admired early and often.

Please go to Legal Insurrection and read the whole piece – when it comes to Palinism, Jacobson is mos-def a fellow traveler.

I have 93 posts (94 with this one) in my Palin tag, most of which are devoted to responding to Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Andrew Sullivan wants a virtual inspection of Palin’s uterus to verify if Trig really is her son – I post on it.  A multitude of left-blogs claimed Trig was being used as a prop – I post on it.  They PhotoShop and generally mock Trig – I post on it.

They make up tales about Palin’s childhood health care, whether she had a boob job, make jokes about her giving hand jobs, claim she “rolled her eyes” when told someone was a teacher, examine the color of her bracelet to claim she dishonored war dead, falsely claim she advocated war with Iran, distort polling about her, attack her intelligence, berate her for recommending followers read a Thomas Sowell column, move next door to her to snoop on her, go after a blogger who defends her on MSNBC, claim her success is because men are aroused by her, go nuts because of her (first) book tour including counting the number of non-white people in crowds, blame her for a turkey farmer’s problems, suggest she contributed to a swine flu outbreak in Alaska, turn her into a pin-up girl for a news magazine, misrepresent her comment about “death panels,” claim she is “too sexy” to be a national politician, concoct the hoax that she didn’t know Africa was a continent, and hang her in effigy — and I post on it.

And it goes on and on.  And I am not alone.

It didn’t start out this way.  But it has developed not because of who Palin is, but who the Palin haters are.  Palin never did nothin’ to nobody, so to speak.

I’ve put forth the proposition that the best way to defeat Obama is to put forward a conservative but non-controversial candidate who will keep the election focused on Obama.  Because the Obama record and devolving persona are the equivalent of a death panel for Obama’s reelection.

And nothing matters more than defeating Obama because the damage he is doing to the country is generational.

But as I reflect back on the past two plus years since Palin’s nomination, I’m wondering if an all-out, knock-down, drag-out fight with the Palin haters is just what this country needs most, not least.  And whether that is just as likely to be successful in defeating Obama as the “safe” route.

via Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: The Obsession With Liberals’ Obsession With Sarah Palin.


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