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Wow, I had two nightmares last night. The first involved the dog eating the bird, and the second involved an Independence Day situation where souls were being sucked out and me and a chum from the asylum were wading hip-deep through a body of water fill with skeletons. This is what I get for my continual attempts at lucid dreaming.

I needed some funniness to start the day, and I found it at Don Surber’s place:

I know you must be wondering what’s powering the blast-furnace lately – I’ve  become addicted to Starbucks’ “Pikes Peak” beans – they’re the original flavah, and aside from drinking it everyday at my SOC, I bought a couple pounds to bring home and drink here as well.

I ran into my girl TK at the local Starbucks recently, and immediately ranted and raved about The Starbucks Cup, perhaps the greatest, quest-worthy item available since Jeebus drank the good shit at what turned out to be his last sit-down-break-bread thingamajig (see what I did there?). Anyway, TK, just to get me to shut the f*$# up, bought one and, as thanks, did not offer up her first born, but did nonetheless brag about said cup on my Book of Face (trying way too hard – it’s still early). Anyway, what is this cup? Here’s a picture I took of the Grande and Vinti, both part of my extensive collection:

You’re welcome, TK, you’re welcome.

Alright, so here’s what you’ve been missing … who else should open up the day but someone who’s going to be in Iowa tonight. Heres Douglas Burns from the state’s CityView discussing prior Presidential candidates and a current one that has a television show. He writes, On this past Sunday’s episode, Palin took to an Alaska fishing boat and got right in the action, helping the captain and crew to pull halibut aboard. She even took a turn at bashing the fish with a club (to knock them out so the meat isn’t harmed, which is the sort of fascinating information one expects from TLC). Palin also cut some of the haul for market. She did all this with natural aplomb.

Over at AmThink, two excellent pieces, the first involving the immorality of class warfare, the second regarding the GOP’s view on taxation. I was discussing the latter with my father last night as we were talking about the pros and cons of many ‘Net purchases. After he brought up the tax v. shipping issue, I put it bluntly: I’d rather pay more for shipping and no tax any day of the week, especially if it’s not being shipped by the USPS. On principle, I prefer to avoid paying taxes whenever possible … and legal.

Anyway, “The Immorality of Class Warfare” by Don Oliner addresses the issue of class warfare, in America something is becoming a private-sector v. public sector issue – with every day that passes I grow to by default resent people whose paychecks are supplied by the taxpayers. This is, in part at least, a completely irrational view, but I’m nothing if not self-aware. As he writes near the end of the piece, The reality is that our society depends on growth that only our business and entrepreneurial sector can provide. Our government is addicted to economic growth to fund its expanding social programs. While the wealth-demonizers picture the wealthy as stereotypical fat cats — in top hats and tails in chauffeur-driven limousines, with cuff links in the shape of the dollar sign, lighting their big cigars with hundred-dollar bills, with their fur-draped women dripping in huge diamonds standing by their yachts — the reality is that most of the people they would characterize as wealthy in real dollar terms are not very different from you and me. They drive the same vehicles, shop at the same stores, and attend the same churches.

Andrew Foy’s Ending Tax Demagoguery is a good idea, but only in la-la land would this happen: The most practical taxation policy consistent with the preservation of individual rights and equal justice is one where all citizens are taxed at the same percentage rate. However, the present debate revolves around raising taxes on one group, who already pay a higher tax rate, to spare another. Nothing could be more arbitrary. Therefore, Republicans should take control of this issue and force Democrats to acknowledge that if the deficit situation is so bad that it requires immediate action, then in the name of fairness and equal justice, one of three things must happen: government spending must be cut dramatically, taxes must be raised dramatically across the board, or we must employ some combination of the two — but only if it involves across the board tax increases.

There are many reasons to enjoy The Other McCain, but its headlines like this that truly make the place so gosh-damn funny…

Whattya know, Sarah Palin was in the home country yesterday – I would’ve gone, but had birthdays to attend to:

Michael Gerson discusses Liberal Paranoia over at WaPo (h/t Insta):

But there is an alternative narrative, developed by those who can’t shake their reverence for Obama. If a president of this quality and insight has failed, it must be because his opponents are uniquely evil, coordinated and effective. The problem is not Obama but the ruthless conspiracy against him … So Matt Yglesias warns the White House to be prepared for “deliberate economic sabotage” from the GOP – as though Chamber of Commerce SWAT teams, no doubt funded by foreigners, are preparing attacks on the electrical grid. Paul Krugman contends that “Republicans want the economy to stay weak as long as there’s a Democrat in the White House.” Steve Benen explains, “We’re talking about a major political party . . . possibly undermining the strength of the country – on purpose, in public, without apology or shame – for no other reason than to give themselves a campaign advantage in 2012.” Benen’s posting was titled “None Dare Call it Sabotage.”

Before continuing, I actually did go to college – I’m all about the book-learnin’. Today, my red-headed stepchild alma mater is playing the fancy, fussy-britches school in the state, and when fellow alums ask me what I think, here’s what I think in video form (the drama builds for 8 minutes, but ffwd to 8:02 for what I’m talking about) :

Yes, that is Mike “I’m a Man, I’m 40!” Gundy quarterbacking the Pokes. From my understanding, Parker wound up doing well for himself in business. Good for him.

Like you, I too get sick and tired of Warren Buffett bemoaning the fact that he doesn’t pay enough taxes, implying that everyone who makes a good living should pay more of them (read: $250K or more/yr). Apparently, so does Fausta Wertz

Alright, that’s all I have at the moment. Going to The City to shop, and then watching the perpetual meltdown at a local rib joint tonight. Go Pokes and stuff.


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