So it is pronounced, so shall it be

After reading Sarah Palin’s Facebook Note last night about gaffes, I told Cassie, “Watch, this will be the biggest story of the day within 24 hours.”

The capture above is from just now.

Yep. Here’s how stupid this is … the following is from Huffpo:

If the left wants to continue skewering the former governor of Alaska and keep Palin’s name endlessly ringing in our ears, then they should do it by grousing about her lack of experience, of a record, and of her less than Mama Grizzly bear-sized compassion. Frank Rich has eloquently made the point that it is plain stupid to keep trying to portray Palin as stupid. To parade out Monday’s blunder as though it were something serious, as though serious intellectuals have never been guilty of the same, is a serious strategic mistake that is infinitely more knuckleheaded than Palin’s most recent slip-of-the-tongue. If certain members of the media want to take off the gloves and duke out the image wars, then they had best learn how to throw a punch that will have some impact on the brains of the people they are struggling to reach.


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