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Good morning – happy Black Friday, dia del loco bitches, mayn!

If you didn’t notice it, there a new, freshly dense Cassie Letter available – check it…

So, I opened my Googlocity yesterday and managed to do/setup three things that I’ve been meaning and needing to. First, I backed up every Word document I have on Google Dox using the relatively new Drag/Drop function – thus the super-secret location is now jammed with half-finished novels about girls who really love their dogs and convicted dope fiends who Gaia in prison through the power of dance. Then, I got Google phone/chat set up, so now instead making proclamations to friends across the globe by non-invasive chat, I can call them via encrypted number and, using my voice modifier, can inform them that the call is coming from inside the house!

Okay, enough of that.

Here’s Curtis Kalin at Big Journalism fisking Richard Cohen’s nasty piece about Palin in WaPo…

It’s always a good day when Iowahawk is at the very top of my personal feed…

First, a sample from IMAO, then a quick commentary:

Saw a news story recently about a man who hired a couple of whores who then took his money without, um,completing the deal:

After he placed payment on a stereo, one of the prostitutes showed him her chest, but the second did not perform oral sex, Haden said. The women took the money and left.

The police arrested him for “patronizing prostitution.”

This is a lot like the people who voted for Obama that are now complaining.

I mean, many of us on the right told people that it was a bad idea to vote for Obama. But, being of age and everything, a lot of people went ahead and did something really stupid. The parallels are obvious.

While I get that most tricks are just hard-working girls trying to get through dental hygienist school and everything, any trick that pulls this business should be sent off to Federal lock-down. Whatever happened to honor among sex industry workers and their Johns? Girls need to learn an honest day’s work and get back on the pole. Just sayin’….

Liberal stupidity knows no bounds. As pointed out last night, Sarah Palin issued a note from Facebook mockined that of course the POTUS didn’t mean those things, they were slips of the tongue that everyone has. And then … people across the globe chimed in, assuming it was Palin who thought there were 57 states, a reference to Fred-6’s most famous gaffe. C4P screen-shot many of the Tweeters and shares – is it already xmas?  Love Palin or not, love her supporters or not – it’s incredible how many utterly stupid people walked into this. Again – she offered links backing up that these were quotes from Fred-6, and then let everyone in on the joke after the first paragraph … Wizbang got it, and calls it Palin reloading. Well-played … as for AP and the HotAir QOTD, of course it’s about this kerfuffle – the running joke at HotAir pretty much sells itself. Friends and foes alike, I implore you – it was a slip of the tongue, nothing more, nothing less. Hear that ado she caused on Facebook? That’s the sound of two hands clapping, and they are mine. As William Jacobson wisely points out, this NoKo-SoKo thing is not even a nice taste of what any GOP nominee challenging Fred-6 will get – in other words, get used to it.

I like Bobby Jiindal and would support him for POTUS. Yes, he looked like a little boy when he gave that post-SOTU rebuttal last year, but so what? However, AmThink isn’t such a fan. Among the problems they cite are chronic absenteeism, a doubling of the state budget, and the addition of 3,100 state workers under his watch. Read the whole thing – I still like Jindal, but as with all possible POTUS or Veep candidates, we need to find out the strengths and weaknesses of all contenders. Interesting piece, take it with a grain of salt. Also over at AmThink, a couple of Palin pieces – one of them is the BIPOTM, the other is right here

Alright, that’s all I have for now – have a great Black Friday, buy some shit, sell some shit, and rock like a hurricane!


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