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Live music was a disappointment last night – I basically paid twenty bucks to hear six songs and get in a fight. Nice, right? And then I woke up this morning and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees [see also: Witch’s titty, colder than] and it was raining heavily.

I chat with my girl in SoKo at least once a day – the nice part about hopping a cargo ship full of rubber dog shit to Hong Kong South Korea is that you happen to be on exactly the opposite schedule of your pimp, friends, king, loved ones and such, so you can end your day as they start theirs, and vice-versa. She said that there seems to be much more ado about the SoKo-NoKo fireworks here stateside than there, as life marches on and, as of yet (to a disappointed American media establishment) no one is panicking.


Dammit. Admittedly, I’m not sure if the situation is as bad in NoSoKo as the TSA situation is here in America, but that flimsy segue gives me a chance to quote the always fabulous Ann Coulter at length, because KBL is nothing if not a place that openly roots for Palin 45 and the lovely Ann Coulter:

I’d feel safer if Pistole and Napolitano had the full body cavity search than Grandma. Anyone involved in the creation of an airport security system that requires pilots to be checked for weapons has got to be removed from any government job and promptly institutionalized, as he is a danger to himself and others … We’re talking about the pilot. Is there anyone in the government who can tell us why the pilot doesn’t need a box-cutter to seize control of the airplane and kill everyone on it? You there, in the back — the skinny guy with the big ears behind the teleprompter: Wanna take a guess? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Following Ann is the beauty from the farmer, Classicist and American intellectual treasure Victor David Hanson, who I believe is is the Eric Hoffer of our times:

b) If Buffett is worried about the deficits and has confidence in government to use our money wisely (hence his desire for greater tax revenue), then why in heaven did he pledge so much of his money to the Gates Foundation and other tax-exempt private philanthropies? The world’s two richest men have in essence taken billions of dollars in future revenue away from the United States Treasury, inasmuch as such private foundations will allow the Buffett/Gates fortunes to be exempt from substantial inheritance taxes on their estates. This is the message: “all of you lesser folk pay higher taxes to a wise government that knows how to spend it. But me? I trust my favorite private foundations to do a better job and so will divert my taxes to them.” And when a Bill Gates Sr. speaks on the wisdom of greater inheritance taxes — given his billionaire son’s financial status, and the multibillion dollars in inheritance taxes that won’t be paid on the future transference of the family’s fortunes — should we laugh or cry?

AP offers some commentary on Michelle’s insistence that Fred-6 finish what he started, which I assume means spending years five and six rosin’ng up his bow, and years seven and eight salting the Earth a’la Scipio in the final Punic War…

Here another background on Thanksgiving, courtesy of The Spearhead…

Although z’King is a football fanatic at the professional ranks, the amateur game bores him, at least until The Law gets involved. If you’re not cheatin’, you’re not trying. And if you’re not involving lawyers over a referee’s decision, you’re not cheatin’. Don Surber rocks on this one.

And finally, I’ll leave this here via Instapundit:

The terrorists have already won.


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