Liberal Men (And Women) Can’t Handle A Real Woman | Liberty Pundits Blog

Say what you will about Elizabeth Wurtzel’s piece I posted earlier, but wow, is it creating a super-awesome Thanksgiving argument already cooked and ready to serve (a friend of mine observed that Wurtzel is the opposite of a Butterface, which is actually so funny I’m going to use it the next time it’s appropriate, which will be in about 15 minutes). Someone on the Royal Facebook Feed posted this – one of about, I dunno, twenty pieces I’ve read today about Wurtzel’s tempest in a teapa- oh, never mind. This is from LibertyPundits, fyi:

3. Liberal men dislike Sarah Palin because of her ideology. AS IF! These hen-pecked haters adopt feminist ideology because, well, they better. They secretly loathe their self-imposed shackles. They stare longingly at a hot woman in lustful secret for fear of being exposed as a sexist. (And then troll blogs leaving misogynist comments.) Liberal men suffer the worst Madonna-Whore complexes of all. They cannot handle mom and sexy in one package–mostly because that woman would never be interested in them, therefore, they reject what they cannot obtain. As betas they’re stuck with the mousy and miserable women. You know, the women at the Code Pink march or the Amen Pew at church. Either way, they don’t think of obtainable women as sexy. Sexy equals scary.

Everyone needs some therapy. More than some. Actually, a lot of therapy. Get over this garbage. It’s beyond lame that conservative women impose their school marmish strictures on womanhood. Liberal women need to toss their abortion litmus test and general butchiness (women should enjoy being, looking, acting like women not some bad approximation of a man) and embrace true choice. And Beta liberal males? Well, they need to recognize their impotent desire and juvenile objectification and start engaging real women. Take a class. Get some skills.

via Liberal Men (And Women) Can’t Handle A Real Woman | Liberty Pundits Blog.


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