I’m headed out for music shortly, so let’s make this quick…

Good lord, why do the fu*#(ng Lions still get to play on T-Day? I just don’t get it.


I’ve been editing the fourth uncovered Cassie letter, so that should be fun once it hits, hopefully tomorrow. If you haven’t been reading them, start. It’s not only a good way to pass the time while internetting on the toilet, it reminds you of what truly crazy people sound like while you’re asleep.

Beyond that self-hype though, I still can’t get my head around this business about ABC naming one of the Ground Zero Mosque developers as a “Person of the Year.” It’s sort of like when Time named Adolf Hitler the Man of the Year, or when it named Earth the Algore of the Year. Sometimes, Liberals and the publications they run are just so fucking stupid you want to punch them and then go after their children. But just sometimes….

I used to be against trying KSM in downtown Manhattan, but I’m kind of coming around to the idea that it truly does take a village of Ivy League idiots to demonstrate to the American public how insane the Democrat Party is. Even though it’s not going to happen, I say try the motherfucker in Lower Manhattan, and when gets off for everything after he and his attorneys spend a year trashing America, we can then get onto the real business of America, and by that I mean Turbaconducken

[When I was on the phone telling a friend about my KSM idea, Cassie said that I was stupid, to which I replied “That sandwich is not going to make itself. Four hours later, it still hasn’t made itself. –z’King]

The larger point is that instead of Conservatives (I’m one of them, recall) throwing a hissy-fit every time a Liberal body wants to do something completely insane, I say let’s let them do it. Wanna try terrorists in civilian courts? Let’em. Wanna close Gitmo and house them here? Let them. Wanna declare Michelle Obama’s gigantic ass a National Park? Let’em. No skin off my back. I live in flyover country – I don’t care what the people in Manhattan do – they look upon my people with disdain, so fuck’em – try KSM, Bin Laden, al-Sadr, try’em all in lower Manhattan. I’ll not lose a bit of sleep over it, and remember – Liberals have about a dozen enclaves, and the rest of the country – for now – is ours. If they want to treat terrorists with the tit, then let’em suck it for all I care.

Yes, I know, Liberals have a small geographic area, but they have the schools, the movies, the bench, the State. I say who cares. Homeschool your kids, loop South Park instead of sending them to the movies, watch House, and don’t break the law. As for the State, well – my State has a quasi-small-government. My bit of civil disobedience remains smoking where it’s not permitted, loitering where movement is encouraged, and opening my presents on xmas eve rather than xmas morning…

C4P turns the tables on the Left’s ‘outrage’ over Sarah Palin’s SoKo-NoKo gaffe

I’m still not sure how to take Fred-6’s comments re Palin, but something tells me this one was the humanizing of the POTUS and his realization that for the last two years, he dun goofed and is now content to occasionally toss one in the fuckitbucket…

Okay, I gotta book it if I wanna get to gym class. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, may all your blessings be great, your greatness be blessed and … well, you know. This is America, dammit!



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