Previously on the Internet: Lightning Round

This one will be fast – just picked up a copy of Sarah Palin’s new book and want to have a review up this afternoon. So, let’s hit it.

Over at AmSpec, Peter Hitchens has an interesting piece on the decline of England’s politics, while James Strodes looks at the latest incarnation of Superman. While I posted about this awhile back at the GOC, I’m thinking of putting together a few emails between a friend and I regarding the new Superman, just for sng’s, and cross posting it throughout The Dope Show…

I was telling Cassie that it would be a shitty time to be a Liberal at the moment if for no other reasons than Conservatives – particularly Sarah Palin – have drenched the airwaves this week (in a little more than two days, one could have watched Fox News, “Dancing With the Stars,” “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and bought Gov. Palin’s book – and let’s not forget that she all but announced she’s running for POTUS last night on “Hannity”). Anyway, Big Hollywood has a nice gloat about this Conservative funniness

Finally, Stuart Schwartz at AmThink offers this:

2. Rush Limbaugh spoke the truth…and for that reason, he had to be destroyed. Rush has a genius for truth-telling, but truth is a sometimes thing in mainstream journalism. Instead, the social justice narrative reigns. That’s why not a single mainstream journalism outlet can match FOX News in fairness — so said, for example, a study at the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University. And that’s why new media such as American Thinker cause anxiety in elite media journalists, who now find themselves repeatedly faced by…truth. When new media again exposed the fallacies of reporting in the New York Times, the reporter groused that internet bloggers should stop“sitting around in their pajamas” and checking the work of real journalists.

3. Sarah Palin can expect a “Rush” to judgment by the mainstream media. Reporters and commentators from every prestigious conventional journalism outlet will use distortions, innuendo, and outright lies to keep her from succeeding. For example, Washington Post columnist and CNN show host Katherine Parker proudly claimed leadership of the “assassination” of Palin by mainstream media. She and her colleagues will continue, and then some.




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