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F*#*T&g Giants. Still sick about it, and what a crappy way to start z’King’s 36th trip around the sun. Anyway, at least I can start out with something positive to say about Newt, and that’s that he said the following:

“There’s no possibility that I would ever go to a debate and have Olbermann or Chris Matthews asking questions. I watched the debate a couple of years ago and it was an embarrassment because they were so relentlessly hostile and they were so left-wing that every question they asked of the Republicans was designed to embarrass and divide the Republicans. And every question they asked the Democrats was designed to make them look good. Well why would we participate in that?” The other GOP hopefuls had better be thinking the same – the days of having to go to primary debates moderated by Liberals should be long over – and oh yeah, no debates until at least the summer…

I found this pic over at Legal Insurrection – the eternal atheist in my smiled:

If you do anything today other than pop a cork for me, please vote for Bristol Palin and piss off a Liberal you love. From the same piece at AmSpec, this pretty much sums it up:

And as Bristol trots to victory after victory, the pressure cooker that is liberal America rises and rises and rises, boiling over with customary ferocity.

What’s really going on here? Let’s cut to the chase: The roots of this indecent, unhealthy rage by liberals is-first and foremost-a lashing out against Bristol and her mother for the political/cultural sin of standing, unwaveringly, for unborn human life. That stance also explains why liberal women in particular despise both Bristol and the mother who gave her life. The Palins’ devotion to the pro-life life infuriates pro-choice women.

At C4P, a fun dissection of Mittles and why if Conservatives want to guarantee four more years of Fred-6, we should nominate him.

It’s serving as the BIPOD, but just in case you ignore that, here’s an excerpt from it:

You were jubilant November, 2008. You strutted, you crowed, you reveled. Newsweek triumphantly declared, “We are all Socialists Now!”.Except for one thing. You misunderstood the battlespace. You failed to recognize the numbers who stayed home rather than vote for a progressive RINO like McCain. You misread the temperment of the people, who wanted an end to the theft, the lies, the spending, the corruption and the deceit. Instead, you doubled down.

Here’s a good one from AmThink on why some learned Conservatives still don’t get Fred-6…

RIP LP founder David Nolan…

And finally, here’s who shares my birthday – yes, Cassie is waiting for me to break big so we can have the ultimate birthday menage: Cassie, ScarJo, and the King.

Happy Monday.


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One Response to Previously on the Internet….

  1. Eric says:

    “The other GOP hopefuls had better be thinking the same – the days of having to go to primary debates moderated by Liberals should be long over – and oh yeah, no debates until at least the summer…”

    I agree they need to avoid going on Olbermann and Maddow’s shows, but at the same time conservatives have to get off Fox News if they want to gain traction outside the conservative base. The Sunday morning network shows, while still left-leaning, need to be filled up every weekend with conservative POTUS hopefuls making their case (Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry, both of whom swear they aren’t running in 2012, have made great showing on these shows in the last few weeks).

    I’m still ambivelant about most potential 2012 candidates, but if I was going to the races right now I’d still say Tim Pawlenty is the one w/ the highest ratio of conservative-to-electable. I like Palin more than I used to (not nearly enough to watch dancing w/ the stars), but still don’t see how she doesn’t end up being the Christine O’Donnell of the 2012 race if she runs.

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