I lied – here’s my TSA post explaining what most people seem to be missing

Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to even mention the TSA fad sweeping the nation, but now, I’m going to talk about it, because I’m nothing if not a pathological liar, and after Rush Limbaugh spent half the damn show talking about it, well, I’ve had it. So, here’s what’s happening with the TSA weirdness, in numerical form:

  1. Whenever there is outrage being perpetrated by the State and hyped by the media, it means that everyone is completely missing the point. So, smart guy, what is the point? This has zero to do with terrorism. The point is to use the unreasonable searches of Americans’ bodily person that the job of TSA agents becomes unbearable. This leads us to…
  2. Although the law creating the TSA specifically outlaws TSA employees from forming a union, they are, in fact, trying to form a union. My guess – it’s a big, fat, accurate guess I’m willing to wager – is that the stress of the position due to untenable job conditions resulting from idiotic TSA rules will be the driving force to allow TSA agents – Federal workers – to collectively bargain, thus putting them in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party.
  3. Did I mention that public sector unions are evil?
  4. As noted awhile back, a side-benefit for State-first types is that this fiasco is making it more difficult and thus less appealing for Americans to fly. Liberals despise the Courician (that would be Kor-ee-see-an, not Kor-ick-ee-an) unwashed mass that composes the the American electorate. By making air travel more inefficent, unwieldly and unreasonable, they take a convenient manner in which we travel much less appealing, thus making it more difficult for us to travel.
  5. Statists hate the free flow of anything: travel, information, goods and services – ultimately, endavours that lead to human happiness and fulfillment. At any given time, they (that sounds conspiratorial, apologies) seek to limit the ease of access to all four of these aspects of life that make our lives more enjoyable.
  6. No, it does not matter whether or not George Soros owns or owned stock in the company that makes full body scanners. George Soros, I’m guessing, owns lots of stock in lots of companies. Occam’s Razor people – this is not the grassy-bloody-knoll, it’s pretty simple.
  7. If given the option, I would strip before I would scan. If workers want to play with my junk, then they can play with it – I don’t care. That other people care is understandable, but like my pathological lying, I’m nothing if not a shameless pervert.
  8. Off-track – there is no way in bloody hell that a child with a bomb jammed in his rectum will bring down a domestic American flight. So sure I am of this fact is that I say that no child under the age of 14 should have to go through so much as a metal detector. When people use the straw man of what they do in Iraq and Afghanistan, please remind them that this is not Iraq or Afghanistan, and it’s a stupid, stupid argument. They stone women in Iran – doesn’t meant that Muslims here will do the same thing.
  9. Same goes for old people – a geriatric of any race will not bring down an domestic American flight – it is a red herring, and a really stupid one at that.
  10. Finally – this is about control, not safety. As Rush pointed out today, not one – no, not one – terrorist or terroristic device has been found through these searches. None. Please profile behavior and demographic identifiers. It’s not as hard as you think. No, seriously, it’s not.

And that is that.




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One Response to I lied – here’s my TSA post explaining what most people seem to be missing

  1. Eric says:

    A friend who has done two tours of duty in Iraq made the comment the other day that he’s a little pissed that he spent two years away from his wife and kids, worried that he was going to get blown up every time he left base, in order to protect Ameica from terrorism, but Americans aren’t even willing to undergo a scan or a pat-down in the airport to do the same.

    I told him that I think it has more to do with the implementation than the security measures themselves, but I kinda see his point. I hate to fly these days and avoid it as much as I can, and simply won’t take my kid to an airport, but I do believe if we relax scanning standards so that old white kindly-looking grandmothers get a free pass, then the next bomb is undoubtedly going to be attached to an old white kindly-looking grandmother. I strongly disagree with you that geriatrics and kids arent’ a threat, when we are dealing with a culture that would have absolutely no problem sacrificing either one if it would blow an American plane out of the sky.

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