Big Important Piece of the Night: The Left Breaks Upon the Rock of Palin, by John Hayward

In about a year, John Hayward went from commenter Doctor Zero at HotAir to one of HotAir’s original GreenRoom writers to a staff position at Human Events. There are few contemporary observers of politics and American life whose writing I truly admire – Hayward sits at a table with Thomas Sowell, Christopher Hitchens and Mark Steyn. Those who’ve read The Cassie Letters will understand why I was drawn to Hayward’s writing early on – he is attracted to many of the same themes I am, and his writing is gorgeous without being pretentious.

“The Left Breaks Upon the Rock of Palin” is Hayward’s latest at Human Events. Like me, Hayward is an unapologetic backer of Sarah Palin. I knew I liked Palin instantly, and knowing nothing other than what she has written, I have zero issue and full confidence boosting her however I can. I want her to be President, if the previous points are subtle, and will do whatever I can to help her reach that point, supporting no one else until she has bowed out or sold out, the latter I don’t see happening.

Like many thoughtful Conservatives who don’t worry about what others think of them, Hayward is much the same – thoroughly unapologetic of his admiration for Palin, and humorously disgusted by the behavior of those who loathe her. His latest piece is a great effort:

Every time Palin closes her eyes and holds out her sword, a hundred liberals race up to impale themselves upon it.  They’ve tried to gin up some kind of weird conspiracy theory about Bristol Palin’s success on “Dancing With The Stars.”  David Letterman nearly ended his career (and it should haveended) by making rape jokes about Palin’s youngest daughter.  Tina Fey got famous by lampooning Palin, who was a good enough sport about it to appear on Saturday Night Live in person… but recently made headlines by launching into a vicious anti-Palin tirade – complete with tired and discredited smears – during a comedy award ceremony.  The audience was left to fidget nervously, while an embarrassed PBS edited the worst of the garbage from its broadcast.  Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantictwisted himself into a laughingstock whose continued presence disgraces the magazine, by obsessively peddling conspiracy theories about the true parentage of Palin’s son Trig.  Liberals wrote her “death panels” Facebook post into the pages of history by screaming themselves hoarse over it.

What’s going on here?  Is the Left simply out of their minds with hatred for Sarah Palin?  That’s part of what motivates them, but the reason she keeps getting the better of them is because they’re slavishly devoted to following an outdated playbook.  They think they almost got her with the “stupid, ignorant chill-billy” meme during the 2008 campaign, and they’re determined to twist that knife until they hit a vital organ.  Along with their complete lack of understanding for her enduring appeal, it leads them to consistently underestimate her.



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4 Responses to Big Important Piece of the Night: The Left Breaks Upon the Rock of Palin, by John Hayward

  1. Eric says:

    “…supporting no one else until she has bowed out or sold out…”

    I’ll support her in the primaries over Romney or Huckabee, but over someone like Pawlenty who seems to be pretty conservative and is much more electable? Not a chance. Palin is the Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell of the 2012 race, which isn’t to say she shouldn’t run, or shouldn’t win the primary, but just to say if nobody else steps up she is almost ridiculously unelectable. I keep hearing her fans say, “yes, but she will be running against Obama and he is incredibly unpopular”. My reply: sure, so was Harry Reid, and look what happened in that race.

    I’m not saying Palin won’t be the person I vote for in the primary, and I’ll certainly vote for her in the general over Obama, however fruitless than may be… all I’m saying is let’s wait and see what the field looks like before we swear alliegance.

  2. godsowncrunk says:

    I’ve heard this ‘Palin will be the O’Donnell…’ and I don’t buy it, and not just because I’m a Palinista. This is already turning into a RINO talking point, so I’d urge caution when using it. I want to know who RINOs want, exactly, and then I choose the opposite.

    Barring something very, very unforeseen, Palin – who’s already running – will continue to run. If the GOP puts up anyone but her, there will be a slaughter at the polls re POTUS in ’12. Unless she personally decides to opt-out, we will not have brought our best fight to the election, and we will lose.

    I can’t guarantee we’ll win with Palin, but we will lose with every other name out there right now, including people I like (Barbour and, to a much lesser degree, Christie, who insists he’s not running). FWIW.

    PS – I will not, under almost any circumstance, vote for Newt, Huck or Mitt.

  3. Eric says:

    ” If the GOP puts up anyone but her, there will be a slaughter at the polls re POTUS in ’12. ”

    That’s what worries me. The people like me who are lukewarm (don’t hate her, don’t love her, and don’t get it) about Palin are not going to be threatened into supporting her. She may very well be the best candidate the GOP can come up with, and if so I’ll vote for her. But I hope the GOP puts up a better candidate, because I see a Palin candidacy being the largest potential cause of a slaughter at the polls. People who don’t like her yet are not going to like her, and the perception (however misguided) of her lack of intelligence is going to continue in all media channels outside of Facebook, fox, and some conservablogs and will ultimately, in a head-to-head election, lead to a whole bunch of people thinking Obama is smarter than he really is, as if that isn’t already problem enough.

    My money is tentatively on Pawlenty at this point, but I hold that until all the hats are in the ring and have put forth some actual ideas, it is a bad idea to start talking about ultimatums.

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