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While I dread watching Michael Vick dismantle the Giants, I’m still compelled to the voodoo – without ado:

Here’s some heavy-lifting to start the day. Dan Riehl upbraids Ace on his conclusions of the Joe Miller fiasco in Alaska. As a rule, I tend to agree with Ace more than Riehl when they’re on different sides of something, but I think Riehl wins the day on this one – I’m sure Ace will have more.

Btw – Alaska’s new state motto (surely I’m not implying anything)?

Ann Althouse has a great, short read about, well – here: “Bill Lueders’s Isthmus article is subtitled “The Triumph of Stupidity.” He asks UW-Madison political science professor Charles Franklin how people could vote the way they did, and when Franklin answers “They’re pretty damn stupid,” he says “Thank you, professor… That’s the answer I was looking for.”

Her’es Eugene Volokh writing about microfinance and its problems. Like Volokh, I too am a big fan and when I think about how I would help people were I a wealthy man (beside all the usual Capitalist arguments), microfinance would be the way to go … but it has its own set of problems…

Over at Legal Insurrection, Prof. Jacobson explores the modern usage of the term gravitas. And let’s not forget the bumper stickers – my favorite liberal sticker was and remains my karma ran over your dogma...

I’m not linking to it or even posting things about it anymore – I’m sick of seeing the term “TSA” show up on my Google Reader. I don’t criticize what others choose to write about – I’ll just say that this term has Buttafuoco’d….

Except for this, of course…

Over at AT, a discussion on bullying, even though the title is about bullying but the discussion is about ‘The View’ and a visit by Joel Osteen – confusing I know, but AT does too good a job to hold that against them. Anyway, the term “bullying” reminded me of an incident … Cassie and I went to a high school playoff game the other night in order to pick up chicks – that didn’t go so well. Although there were “tobacco-free zone” warning and signs everywhere, we happily stood off to the side chain-smoking while watching my alma mater go down in flames. Some kids started playing ‘tag the fag’ nearby, and sure enough a snot-nosed little kid in desperate need of bullying a whole lot less of mommy came over, looked at Cassie and said, “Excuse me miss, but could you move somewhere else? You cigarette smoke is really bothering me.” She started laughing and I said to the child (8, maybe 9), “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The child shrugged and said no, to which I replied, “It’s time for a trip to the wizard, ask him for some mind-your-own-fucking-business kid, and don’t let your vagina hit the door on your way out.” He sat there, stunned, and as Cassie grabbed my arm and tugged me away, I thought of how much the child deserved a pistol-whipping. And some bullying…

Over at the LAX via Instapundit, a heartwarming story of sorts…

Don’t offer Sarah Palin advice, libs – she just might take it

Alright, Cassie’s up and around and the Kirs are ready. I’m sure I’ll find a few things worth writing about today in-between the heavy disappointment that will be, what, Week 10 of z’League. Until then, I bid you adieu…


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