Legal Insurrection giddily opens up the cornucopia of legal options for Palin re Gawker

I hope she follows his advice – read the full thing, as I suspect Rush will be leading with this or something similar, and thus the media will follow. I have been fuming about this for a few days, and not just for the obvious reasons. Of additional importance to me is that enterprises like Gawker cannot get away without swift and severe legal consequences for publishing PDF’s of a work that has yet to be released. That they took the pages down so quickly tells me enough – I hope Palin’s legal team goes for a killshot so another moose may be field-dressed:

But please don’t stop there.  Your TRO is the equivalent of a routine metal detector screening.  You found the box-cutter, and confiscated it.  Good so far, but not enough.

You need to have your lawyers give the people at Gawker a full nude-body scan and junk fondling.

Uncover the networks, Sarah.  For all of our benefit and amusement.

It’s called discovery.  In a litigation your lawyers are entitled to e-mails, and all Gawker’s internal documents regarding not only this theft, but you.  Because you will want to prove that their intent was to harm you and damage you, so everything they ever have written off-the-record, everyone with whom they ever have communicated about you, every strategy they have employed to take you down, now is fair game.


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