Jedediah Bila on Mona Charen’s idiocy (UPDATED)

I wanted to avoid Mona Charen’s, shall we say, Parker-esque with a dash of Noonanity piece at National Reivew, so, I conveniently did.

Thankfully, Jedediah Bila at Human Events did the work, so now, I don’t have to. You can find a link to Charen’s piece in Bilah’s piece – I feel no need to direct you there, because I’m the King and so it is declared.

Sarah Palin has done something that no-one since President Reagan has been bold enough to do: just be herself. Sure, she’s a prominent political figure. Yes, she was a 2008 Vice Presidential candidate. But she’s also a mom, a wife, a hunter, a fisherwoman, and a plain old American just like you and me. In her new TLC show, Palin’s not afraid to show you how proud she is of the beauty of her state, a state which is so often discarded as unimportant – despite extensive energy and national security clout –  by the likes of New York and California elites. She’s not afraid to speak in her folksy accent, to invite you inside her very regular American home, to let you watch her accept the challenge to climb Mt. McKinley, and do the dirty work of wiping slime off of newly-caught halibut.

Simply put, she’s not afraid to just be Sarah Palin. And in our phony, snobby, chameleon-happy political world, that is priceless.


Dan Riehl chimes in with a near-perfect observation on Charen’s lunacy:

Whether Sarah Palin is ultimately the one to lead that battle politically, or what, precisely, her best role in the fight might be, I can’t say. But I believe we are fortunate to have her, as she clearly will have some important role. For now, perhaps it’s simply drawing out our enemies established, allegedly, on our own side.


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