Previously on the Internet…

The King is finally set on the template for KBL and the GOC – readers should be thankful for WordPress’s Journalist offering – and now I’m toying with some of the name. “What you might have missed…” and other whathaveyas get to the point, but man, are they played. So, instead of using normal cliches, I think I’ll opt for a new one. So, now the semi-regular link dump will now be called “Previously on the Internet…”

Feel better now? I’m sooooo shoooor.

First up, NYT and the 800-lb grizzly

Regarding said grizzly, Mona Charen has either lost her mind or wants some of that Kathleen Parker dickin’ that Pulitzer and CNN dishes out when a Conservative crosses the dark waters of anti-Palinism…

Two more and then on to new things … first, Palin’s publisher is suing the shiite out of Gawker for publishing 21 PDF images of her new book before its release (yeah, while I’m not big city lawyer, I think that’s illegal, even for Nick Denton’s enterprise)…

While we’re on it, check this shiz at C4P…

Like my second-favorite villain from the Austin Powers franchise, I like gooooold…

I stumbled on Classical Values through a series of links, and liked it so much I added it to my small-but-growing soul-roll over on the side – here’s the latest piece dropping a von Mises bomb…

AT on George W. Bush – I’m trying to finish up Decision Points so I can start on a multipart review here, mos-def before America by Heart drops…

The Birchers were a hair before my time … here’s what seems to be a good Conservative view of Bircherism. As much of an anti-Commie as I happen to be (yes, McCarthy is a hero of mine), even I don’t go this far

Better hope you don’t have investment property here

And finally, although more GOC appropriate, it appears Boxxy might have return. The queen is not dead, long live the queen. I’ll be posting over at the GOC regarding this Very Important Story over the weekend.

As you were…


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