What’s really going on with the TSA regs?

I’ll float my theory, which universally applies to everything the government tries to do: cease and control. The TSA is making it increasingly harder to fly, not for security purposes, but simply to get people to fly less frequently.

Liberals and State-types hate the free flow of anything – goods, services, people, information, you name it. They are constantly going after the toobz, talk radio, ease of travel, getting a job, getting fired from a job, the list goes on and on and on. For many of a State-slant, the notion of people traveling freely scares them. Either that, or it galls them as they see that air travel should not be for the Little People, but for State workers and the ultra-wealthy.

They have had it in for the airlines for years, and this is the easiest, most justifiable way of destroying them. From Don Surber:

The John Tyner incident is taking a life of its own. People are tired of being pushed around. The investigation of John Tyner by a vindictive bureaucrat — I don’t care how many years General Aguilar was in the Marines — is backfiring.

via Napolitano must go « Don Surber.

‘Well what should we do?’

Easy – get the government out of ground security. For starters, airlines and the private sector should be running this show, not the State. Next, have the TSA profile the f*&* out of manifests and quietly, on the ground, at airports. It works in Israel quite nicely, as their record is 100 percent safe over the last 15 years.

As Ann Coulter pointed out in The InEssZee last night, if 9/11 had been perpetrated by blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swedes, we’d be profiling the hell out of them (or, better yet, Christian Arkansians). But it wans’t meant to be, and the counter-productive rules of political correctness came into play, and voila, the voice of a generation says, don’t touch my junk!

Cassie was asking me about this last night after fencing lessons, and my response was simple: if they want to check me, my pants and shorts are coming down in front of the TSA, security, other passengers, Gaia and anyone else who wants to touch my junk – long story short, no one gets to touch my junk without me and everyone else getting to see what’s happening, for worse or, who knows, for better.



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