What you might have missed…

I won’t hold my breath, but is it possible KO had a very brief, very tiny moment of clarity when it was Conservatives who came to his recent defense? He’s certainly no Conservative (yeah, he hates us), but seriously, now he’s dogging on the old-school media?

Here’s Peter Suderman at Reason pointing out one avenue to taking down Obamacare a’la death by a thousand papercuts (h/t C4P), one my man Eric will enjoy: But the most effective and practical way to contain the law between now and 2012 will probably be to go after single sections, as the David Gratzer and Paul Howard of the Manhattan Institute suggest here and here. There are a host of controversial provisions that could be modified or wiped out—starting with the 1099 reporting requirement, which even President Obama has said is probably too burdensome on business.

I like it when people start going legitimately gonzo on tackling the deficit – now let’s hurry up and wait…

Read it and weep: LAX text of President’s speech honoring Salvatore Guinta, America’s first living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam…

My sister, the rare Conservative in The People’s Republic of Boulder, used to send me a “Boulder Bumper Sticker of the Day” email. This would have qualified...

And that’s all for now – congrats to Bristol Palin for pissing off Liberals everywhere by making it into the final three. I kid you not, there are consspiracy theories out there of how this is happening. A quick note to Liberal Conspiracy Theorists: It’s not a conspiracy, people love the Palin’s, hate the haters, so they vote, repeatedly, to get her to win. See – it’s that easy.


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