Big Important Read of the Week: The Resurrection of Sarah Palin

No, that’s not the name of the story, but it might as well be.

From NYT Magazine, Robert Draper’s “The Palin Network” is much in the same vein that Zev Chaffets’ epic mini-bio was in the same publication two summers ago: the acknowledgement of a Liberal bastion that if you can’t live with them, you can at least attempt to play nice. And play nice Draper does.

It’s a mesmerizing piece. Little is new to those (like me) who have known about Sarah Palin since before she was Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate. Yet, except for those of us who are not only bleacher-sitting allies and entrenched in the war that has become one’s opinion of Palin among politically-minded people, there is much there. Most surprising – at least to Liberals who bother to read it, and read they will looking for the shanking that is not there – is how much of her own work Plain does, including those Tweets, Facebook posts and yes, speeches.

Refudiate was, is and shall remain all Sarah Palin, and good for her.

I have been in the process of writing a book about Palin that I don’t ever seriously plan to publish, yet like the cliched onion, the more you peel back, the more that is there. This is not conspiratorial – Sarah Palin makes the news cycle every day, and rarely is it not of her own choosing. For a Conservative White Dude, by far her biggest base, she is rarely off-key, and even less-rarely is she wrong, at least in my eyes.

The NTYMag piece is long – 7 pages, probably in the neighborhood of 5,000 words – and it is fair. It talks to mainly friends, a few foes, but the most revealing part of it – even for an avid Palin watcher like me – is how much of her daily work she actually does; there is no ‘man behind the curtain’ and as I’ve suspected all along and wasn’t proved wrong in the piece, her political instincts are razor sharp, much more than most people – even people who like her and would vote for her – understand.

Cassie was asking me if she thought Palin would run, and bluntly, I told her, She’s already running, dear – can’t you tell?

Make no mistake – she’s running. I don’t know that she’ll make it official (she will, probably in February or early March), but as she’s now repeatedly said, she’s testing the waters. Can she win? Who the hell knows – she can win the primary running away, but facing Fred-6, I’m not sure. I’d rather lose with someone that will go down fighting like a junkyard dog than someone willing to just give the race away out of polity. Palin will not go down without a fight, and she doesn’t need a load of special interests and corporate ties to actually fund a national campaign. She will always have to deal with friendly fire and concern trolls, but make no mistake, on the Right, she is the person to beat.

There are few others that even come close, and unfortunately, no, he’s not one of them.

Enough of that for now. Here’s an excerpt from the piece, but read the whole thing. The resurrection and rehabilitation of Palin in the eyes of the Leftist media has officially begun.

Sarah Palin’s withering regard for the media co-exists with the fact that Sarah Palin is a media sensation. Throughout this year’s midterm cycle, no one commanded as much free time on the air as Palin, who of course wasn’t running for office herself. Her mere presence or nonpresence at various campaign events — or the distance that wary Republican candidates kept from her — routinely eclipsed whatever else took place at the events themselves. Concurrently, Palin’s denunciations of the Obama White House via Twitter garnered substantial attention not because the opinions were especially novel but because they were expressed with the brashness of a wily headline-grabber. All of this in addition to the fact that Palin, a former journalism major and sportscaster, happens to be a member of the media herself: a salaried Fox News contributor, the star of her own television series and a best-selling author whose second book, “America by Heart,” will be released by HarperCollins this week with a first printing of 1 million copies and her pick of promotional slots offered up by her adversaries in the press.

Almost everything about Palin is fresh, including her wounds. “She gives as good as she gets,” says the admiring former Republican strategist Mary Matalin. “But I don’t know her well enough to know if she’s developed the thick skin you need to be endlessly resilient, the way Reagan could take things for decades and let them roll off his back.” Like many Republicans, Palin hails Reagan as her political guiding light. But she has yet to channel the Gipper’s soothing sunniness, instead she seems haloed in static electricity — “a walking wedge issue,” as one leading conservative commentator recently described her. The road to a presidential candidacy traditionally involves a carefully sequenced gathering of tribes and marking of territory. Palin has ignored this playbook. Her only-dead-fish-go-with-the-flow improvisatory ethic is certifiably anti-Beltway and confers on Palin an aura of authenticity. It is also erratic and short on self-discipline, reminding us that Sarah Palin’s ascendency is recent and she remains a work in progress — all the while casting a very long shadow over the Republican Party, shaped like a question mark.


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